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Thursday Three... pt5

Friday, 29 October 2010

This weeks Thursday Three topic was chosen by @Woody_ben and it is this...
Three top holiday destinations. I asked for clarification and can confirm it can be places you've been or want to go to. So here are mine.


I love that city. I visited twice in 2005 with my sister and we still never seen it all. It is an architect geeks dream. I loved the buildings and wandering the streets and seeing the sights and climbing the stairs up a spire at the Sagrada Familia. I loved the escalators they had to take up to the Olympic Stadium (lazy!). I loved to see the Olympic Stadium and travelling on their metro system. I loved the atmosphere in the city centre when Barca had just beaten Real Madrid 3-0 in one of the football seasons hotly anticipated games. I especially loved the tour of Gaudi's Casa Battlo, where everything inside was a cruve. No straight edges anywhere (see inside pic above).  I love it all and I can't wait to go back and see the new as well as revisit the already seen.

San Francisco.

I've never been but i so want to. I've been thinking that i really NEED a holiday. And not just a mini break, a proper kick-ass full on holiday. I know someone who was flying to San Francisco last weekend to visit family and she's off for three weeks. I am envious. My friend Andrew cycled all through California a few years ago and took in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Monterey, basically the pacific coast highway and ended up climbing in Yosemite national park. I want to do this, well maybe not the climbing but I want to cycle across the Golden Gate bridge on a bike. To walk down the very steep and bendy Lombard Street. To take a ferry to Alcatraz and to sample the atmosphere of a foggy San Francisco Bay.

Hawaii / Australian Gold Coast

These are pure luxurious holiday destinations. If you know me you'll know that I'm not someone who is happy to go to all the usual haunts - Tenerife, Benidorm, Valarakee (i know thats not how you spell it!!), Blackpool ;-)  In fact those would be my worst nightmare holidays - seriously. But I've always wanted to go on a nice relaxing beach holiday, and where better than the Gold Coast of Australia or Hawaii (anywhere). In saying that, I think if I spent anymore than a couple of days on a beahc i'd be bored so these luxurious hoiday destinations need to have places I can wonder to, activities, guaranteed great weather and plenty of sunshine. In short, were I to win the Lottery on Saturday night I'd be booking a holiday to these straight away.

Ange x

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