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Thursday Three pt6

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Two for the price of one this week since i was way too busy last week decorating my bedroom. Part 7 will follow in a new post.

Part 6 is Three most treasured possessions (suggested by @gruppox).

Number one would have to be my iPhone. Sorry! I think i've mentioned it on here before but it truly i one of the best gadgets I have ever bought. Keeps me up to date with my emails, texts, Twitters etc etc. Yes you know all this since most of everyone has one. 'nuff said really.

A birthday card I got from my little cousin for my 21st. Not long afterwards he was taken cruelly away from us. Sad times. It's something I'll keep all my life and has survived the recent purge of lots of my possessions. I couldn't really throw it out, ever.

My piece of Everest Base Camp rock. It was my dream to go there. It was nearly two years in the planning and i never did get there. But thanks to Team Extreme of Andy, Kate, Ruth, Emma and wonderful Saran I have to pieces of rock from actual Everest base camp. I like to think the one day those two pieces of rock were on the slopes of Mount Everest itself. I will go back, one day. And I will get there, myself.

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