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Thursday Three pt8

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Today's proper Thursday Three are... Christmas Traditions.

We always open our presents after midnight on Christmas Eve. We've done it for as long as I can remember and comes from attending Midnight Mass (yes shock horror, I am Catholic - lapsed). Anyway when we were too little to go to Midnight Mass we'd be woken up around 1.30am so that we could see what Santa had left us. It's just something we've always done and probably always will. When you discover that Santa isn't.... well you get the drift, it soon becomes exciting waiting until that time to open your presents and give yours out to others. Here's a story that we still don't know to this day the truth of... When i say We i mean me and my big sister Karen.
So, there we were, sharing our 3/4 size bed in the front bedroom. I was about 4 she must've been about 7. We sneaked downstairs to in the night to see if Santa had been, and there he was. Right there in our living room laying out presents with my Dad. We couldn't believe it and creeped back upstairs to wait until we were told he was away. Knowing what we know now about Santa... we always talk about it and yet we've never been told who it was that night there in our living room. We have a sneaky feeling it was my Granda but we've never ever had it confirmed.... That means everything to us.

Without fail each year we have the tradition of getting the house all cleaned in time for Christmas and New Year. Then there's always a big pot of homemade soup on the go. I can picture it just now. Windows all steamed up with condensation as it's too cold to open them. The smell that fills the air is warm and homely and tasty.

This is becoming my own personal New Year tradition. I go for a walk on my own up our local hill. It's usually crowded as everyone has the same idea but standing there staring out and pondering the year past whilst planning my year ahead is good. Gives you time to yourself in an other busy and at times stressful time of the year. Good to fill your lungs with fresh air too. I've done it the past two years and you'll most likely find me scaling Dumyat on New Years day again this year. I just hope the wee Granny in her skirt and ballet pump shoes isn't there this time! She looked freezing, poor soul.

Ange x

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