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My First - The Series

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Following on from post number 100 and PTC* talking about mountain 'firsts', I thought i'd ask a few people about their 'firsts' and get their stories to record here. I've asked a variety of people and am still awaiting details from a few stragglers - Martin!! ha ha, and so the 'My First... Series' has been born and will be logged and updated right here on this blog for you all to read and enjoy.

There's a couple of My First Munro's and My First Wildcamp's - but not mine cos I've not been on one yet! There's a few other great stories about climbing too.

To everyone who has sent me their stories thank you all so very much and I hope you are pleased with what I do here...

If anyone else has a 'My First' story they want to contribute get in touch and I'll add it to this ongoing series, we'd all like to hear about it.

Part One will be loaded imminently...

Ange xx

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