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London Day 1

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Two weeks ago i headed to London. It was a trip i'd booked back in February but had been planning for a few months. There were things I wanted to do that i didn't get a chance to the last time I visited. I'd tried to get one of the £1 rooms in the Hoxton hotel sale in February but almost as soon as the sale begins the rooms sell out. Gutted. However, I follow the Hoxton on Twitter and I think they realised there were a lot of technical difficulties with the website hanging (due to the large volume of people trying to buy £1 rooms) so they had a competition and I was a lucky winner. I won the chance to book a £1 room any time. So I did. My 3 night stay at The Hoxton cost me less than £200. Not too shabby. I had a few email conversations about the rates and availability then i called to book the rooms. All a very smooth process.

I got the train from Stirling direct to Kings Cross and arrived at the hotel a little after 4pm on a hot Wednesday afternoon. I was impressed when I arrived. It was pretty cool inside both in temperature and decor. The reception was off to the left hand side with the grill and bar over to the right. There were sofas in the window and a fireplace where the fire was lit! I checked in and made my way to the fourth floor. I was in room 421. I was hoping that it would be nice because you see, i'm a bit of a fuss pot to where I lay my head and (sorry to be a snob) but anything less than 4 star just won't do me. I walked into the room and although not huge there was more than enough room for me. I opened the windows as i was roasting and saw a few tall buildings in front of me including the Shard building. (Supposedly going to be the tallest building in London). I tried to check my little tourist map to find out what the others were and i think (think!) one might have been the Barbican centre.

I found my way around the room no probs. The bathroom was exquisite and clean. Not a trace of anything nasty (thank goodness as it would have ruined my trip). The decor was simple but stylish and the bed was comfy. There were London landmarks etched into the wall somehow (I think it was in the actual plaster) and gorgeous paper scissor stone cushions on the bed. It was time for me to head off for my consultation about my hair.

Once back at the hotel it was about 7:40 and me being alone meant i didn't want to venture out on my own at this time plus being tired from the travel I watched a bit of telly, phoned home and ordered room service. My food was delivered in about 20 minutes or sooner and it was nice. I explored more in the room. There was a safe and mini fridge hidden in the wardrobe space which had a full length mirror on the door. Inside the mini fridge were two bottles of water and a small carton of milk for tea; all free. In a drawer on the desk were teabags and coffee bags and sugar. On the desk were a kettle, two wine glasses and two hi ball glasses as well as two substantial mugs and spoons. Cool. The tv was internet enabled but i didn't try it. There were pay movies and stuff too but again i never used them. In the bathroom was a box of pears soap that you got to keep with a couple of tiny bottled of shower gel and shampoo. Free toiletries don't bother me much as i tend to use my own anyway. The towels were huge, fluffy and more importantly clean.

An hour later I hit my bed after trying to decide what I'd be doing the next day. It was supposed to be a picnic with Carly, Laura and that gang but having to be back for my 5pm haircut meant i couldn't go....

Oh and how could I forget. A nice touch at The Hoxton is the free breakfast treat you get. A little brown bag that you hang on a hook outside your room door. You just tick how many people (1 or 2) and what time you would like it delivered (6, 7, 8, 9 or 10am). Inside you get a bottle of orange juice, a banana and a yoghurt pot. A nice touch. 

Angela x


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