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Strawberry Cupcakes with Glitter on Top

Monday, 30 May 2011

It's amazing what a new day can bring. To say I was feeling a little fragile over the weekend would be a mega understatement, hence yesterday's blog post. I still feel a little down but thanks to a few specials I feel a little less lonely.

You see random acts of kindness can make a person smile. And for me, all the more wider smile when you are the giver of such random acts. Me, well I just see it as doing a friend a favour and if I say I will, then I will. So to receive an email from a new blogger friend with a thousand thanks (nearly!) for my random act of kindness has certainly brought a smile back to my face. Add to that a rock solid person who has been at the other end of the internets for a while now and you start to feel you're worth it again. Last but not least, added to the mix, an email from a friend who's noticed you've not been around and sprinkle in a few good hearty laughs with your ever present work friend and you are grateful for these special few people. You have yourself a strawberry cupcake with glitter on top.

Thank you people, for making me smile again.

Angela x



  1. Glad to hear you are feeling happier :)

    I have one of those Rice Krispie plates too. I use it for camping as it's almost impossible to lose!

  2. A little bit better thanks.

    I have two plates and two bowls. Also two Corn Flakes ceramic bowls. I use these for daily eating haha.

    PS thanks for still reading/commenting. I think you're one of the only ones. Appreciated.


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