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Sunday, 12 June 2011

It's no secret that i'm in my 30's, and a girl in their thirties really should look after your skin or you'll end up looking like you're in your fifties when you're in your forties. Follow me so far? Good. So for a good few years now (about 8!) I've followed a cleanse, tone and moisturise routine and topped it off with a pretty good moisturiser (expensive too!). I don't go near the sun, haven't used a sunbed so my skin is pretty good apart from the odd spotty breakout. My moisturiser used to go all over my face including my eyes (because the women demoing the product said you could) but for a good year or so now my eyes have started to nip if the moisturiser goes anywhere near them. So i've been looking for a good eye cream that isn't just cucumber eye gel. No, I need something to combat the dark circles and cope with my dry skin. Yes the area around my eyes could be a little more moisture filled. Although it's not exactly dry skin.

Anyway, people on Twitter recommended Soap and Glory products that you can buy from Boots. This range has always baffled me and i always recoil when people mention it. Yes the packaging is quirky and could even be described as fun, if your idea of fun is seeing scantily clad women in 40's/50's outfits on the packaging. The names of the products are a little Benefit-inspired to me. But where I think Benefit trumps Soap and Glory is that their packaging isn't as busy or confusing. I swear this, I was standing in front of shelves in Boots today and I didn't know what i was looking at. Sure i had an idea because on the next shelf down was cream, and eye serums and moisturisers so i had an idea i was in the right vicinity but the Soap and Glory products were a mish-mash. I just want to look at a product and find out what it is. I don't want to have to pick every box up and inspect to find find out if it's eye cream or face serum. The title (if you will) didn't jump out at me. However after three* hours of reading every box i picked up something that appeared to be eye cream. Make Yourself Youthful Eye Cream with anti-wrinkle superpeptide complex plus oxygen boosters for brighter, tighter, fresher eyes! Big promises those eh. I just want a cream. Not a highlighting cream nor a concealer or anything like that, just a cream that will moisturise as well as take down the odd occasional puffy eye. My skin is really pretty good for a 30 something girl.

this better work! (Photo from the soap and glory website)

So i brought it home (feeling a little bit dirty that i'd gone against my gut instinct and bought this thing!) and have only just tested it. I discovered it's an illuminating eye cream and is tacky to the touch, yuck!!! I can't believe it** It also has a slight fragrance but nothing too off putting. I just hope it's okay on my sensitive skin.

Anyway, 10 minutes later and it's dried in leaving a slight sheen on the back of my hand. I just hope it doesn't nip when i put it on my actual eyes. Watch this space. I shall report back soon...
Oh but in themeantime if any of you girls or guys have a better eye cream or moisturiser to recommend, let me know. Ta!

Take care kids
Angela x

*okay maybe twenty five minutes!
**I can! I got a gift of the body butter a few years back at Christmas and it was the same. Took ages to dry on my skin. Bleurgh...

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