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Beauty and the Glossybox

Saturday, 25 June 2011

I haven't blogged for over a week. Sorry. I didn't really have much to say. But yesterday i got my first Glossybox delivery and wanted to show you it. Most of you probably don't know what a Glossybox is and almost all of you won't know that I like to treat myself to some beauty products and make up. You won't know this because I don't often wear make up and my skin isn't what you'd call flawless what with it being prone to dryness and red patches, nevertheless i like to treat it. (I've got another post coming up with a few of my favourite things).

Back to Glossybox. I've recently been reading lots of beauty/girly blogs. Some are great and some are frankly horrible to look at. Gaudy colours, nasty products and horrible photos. And if i'm honest there's an underlying hint of competition going on between them that never gets talked about (that's the impression i get). Anyway, on one blog i read about this Glossybox thing where the recipient got a box full of five beauty goodies in exchange for £10. Sounded good to me, considering there was a full size Nars Illuminator in shade 'orgasm' and everyone raves about it. I signed up and waited nearly a month for the June box to be sent. (The premise is you get a box of five sample sized products each month but you don't know what you're getting, a little surprise).

I came home yesterday after a long and tiring week and it was there waiting for me. All beautifully packaged of course.

I carefully opened the box. Secretly though I already had an inkling what was in it because I Googled it during the day and some people already had their boxes opened and blogged. When i opened it I realised I'd gotten one of the good boxes. This is what i got

3.75ml OPI silver shimmery holographic glitter nail polish.
Rouge Bunny Rouge lip gloss (worth £20!!)
Bioeffect EGF serum
Lalique Perles de Lalique perfume
Batiste original dry shampoo

And here's my nails with a coat of the OPI nail polish. It's shimmery and glittery but also quite subtle.

pretty sparkly in the direct light, holographic too
I've read some people aren't happy with the contents but I think it's ok. Nothing more. It's meant to be sample products of non common items and so I know what i signed up for. Sure they lured everyone in by including the Nars product in the first box in May. I'll stick with it for another couple of months and then might cancel as i think it may turn out that i won't use most of the items in the box. But if each box has at least one full size high end product then £10 a month is probably worth it. Although they've been sneaky. There was free postage but it will go up to £2.95 from September. Still a good deal. Plus I'll bet most of you girls out there will spend more than £12.95 a month on beauty items.

Angela x


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