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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

This weekend just past saw Glastonbury take place. There was rain mud and eventually sunshine. I'm not really into the idea of muck and camping and all that palaver but love watching on telly. I caught some of Friday's musical menu which ended with U2 on the main pyramid stage. It rained and it poured but, to my surprise, Bono was actually singing not too bad. His outfit was a bit debatable though - what looked like a rubber trouser affair. It was probably some eco friendly faux leather thing come to think of it. Anyway U2 were ok. I'd kinda wanted to see them 'live' at some point but to be honest I prefer their earlier music to the latest offerings so seeing them on Friday night was enough for me.

Saturday saw one of my all time favourite bands EVER! Coldplay. They divide a lot of people and some people are quite frankly snobbish about it but for me they are still one of the best live bands i've seen. And i've seen them 5 times now. The show has gotten better through the years and they can still bring out the old favourites like Yellow and Politik that get the crowd going. Saturday night saw songs from an as yet unfinished album but the Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall EP sounds good so far. Granted, Chris Martins vocals and piano playing can go a bit off when he's caught up in the moment but i don't mind that. The show is good, the songs always make me smile (yes even the slow ones some folk might find dull) and I couldn't care less. I love Coldplay, just like someone trying to be trendy might like the latest new young hip band that I've never heard of. I was hoping that  Jay-Z might've made an appearance during Lost like he did at the hampden gig a few years back but it wasn't to be this time. This time Jay-Z and his wife were spectators. Nice.

Sunday night saw me attend the Kings of Leon gig at Murrayfield in Edinburgh. I set off from a drizzly but clammy Stirling and headed on the train. I figured the train would be a safer bet than trying to find a parking space. I was right. When I got there the area was swarming with people sitting on pavements, walking to the stadium and generally having fun before the gig. I arrived just as White Lies were coming on. I'd heard of them before but not taken much notice. After their 30 minutes set i was right. They were nothing special. The singer reminded me of Spencer who was on Celeb Big Brother and married Chantelle. Ha!

taken with Hipstamatic app on iPhone (Dali film)

Anyway, at about 8.45pm the headliners came on. It was great. The singing was almost cd-ish in that it sounded just like it does on the cd ie. note perfect. The music was great. I loved the grimy guitar riffs, the banging bass drum tempos and the chit chat between songs.

Here's a thing that annoys me at gigs though. I was sitting on the second tier of the West stand. Two rows from the front in a row of about 1) and I guarantee you these two women didn't sit next to each other for more than 20 minutes of the 2 hour show because if one wasn't away buying wine, the other one was and vice versa. In and out, in and out. What is the actual point in going to a gig if you are going to spend at least half of the gig at the toilet (allowable) or at the effing bar. I mean, seriously! That totally annoys me.
Plus, there was a couple who were sat next to me. They seemed ok. But they never budged, I mean the hardly clapped or tapped their feet until Sex on Fire came on one song from the end!! Fuck sake.


Anyway back to the music. I'd wanted to see Kings of Leon for a while and was glad I did. They were ace and I'd say one of the best live bands i've seen. If you get that chance, go and see them, but not if you're not really into their music. I remember going to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers at Hampden a few years ago. They were good and played the favourites but there was absolutely no interaction with the crowd. I don;t think they knew where they were. The lead singer just sang the songs and nothing more. Disappointing. However, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at Hampden in 2009 was totally awesome. I went with my Dad and he loved it too. They played for a good 3 hours solid and totally had the crowd in the palm of his hands. So glad I saw him. Now all i need is the Rolling Stones to do one FINAL FINAL tour and I'll have seen all who i want to see.

Well that was until I came home and caught up on Beyonce's set at Glastonbury on iPlayer. Oh my goodness can she work a crowd. Flawless singing and dancing (how does she do it?!). An amazing singer with routines I want to learn to do :)  She will be added to my list of must see live music as well as the Gaga. Can't forget her. Even my mum warmed to the Gaga after watching her on Paul O'Grady show the other week.

Oh and my train journey home was an ordeal. Or rather getting back to HaymarketHaymarket for the 23.04 train...or so i thought. I ran most of the way. This wasn't too bad as i;m pretty fit now but by the time i got to the station i was sweating like a bad one and...and...AND it turns out there were extra trains put on to Glasgow, Linlithgow and Stirling. They had neglected to put signs up at the station to this effect when i arrived. Bad Scotrail. I mean seriously, let passengers know in advance so they don't panic and run two miles for no reason. The platforms were chockablock but i got on the train fine. I was home just after 12 midnight. It's lucky I had a holiday from work the next day :)

Phew! that was some weekend there for music. Are there any bands you think I should see? hit me with it.

Angela x


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