Bowery Mural


Hello I'm Angela and welcome to this place, my blog.  

Why am I here?

It's a question I've been trying hard to answer for myself. This blog, Project Everest, started off as the log of my journey to Mount Everest Base Camp back in 2008. Now... it's more a story of Project Everest: my life, because we all have our own Everest to climb, right? 

I'm a blogger, a daydreamer, a planner, a maker, a baker, a sewer, an extreme introvert with great extrovert ideas, a one-time hill-walker (although you'd never know), a shy person who could write all day when the mood takes me.

I love reading blogs; taking photos; exploring new places; Sunday cinema trips; Converse trainers; fashion; connecting with interesting people on Twitter; typography and fonts; boyfriend jeans; Fresh sugar lip balm; rainbow coloured delights; wearing flip flops whilst getting caught in a summer rain shower; sunsets and sunrises; Sharpie pens; Irn Bru; handwritten letters; spin bike class; my curly hair; Eternity perfume; freshly laundered bed linen; architecture; graphic design; Mars Bar cake; vanilla ice cream; strength and weight training; Pinterest; and more!

Thanks for visiting,

Angela :)