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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Ok so I've been thinking about life recently and how i want to get out and do more with mine. You see I've never been that adventurous so that's why I've decided to trek to Everest Base Camp (via Kathmandu and the worlds scariest flight into Lukla)!!! Yeah... I know.... it's logical eh! Let me explain.......

I'd been recently thinking of doing some volunteering abroad or doing something 'for the greater good' but work commitments and lack of sufficient funds had kind of scuppered that idea. But i still wanted to do something...... anything.

Anyway my knee has been playing up for the past year, mostly when i run (I know not really to do with Everest but stick with me and all will be revealed). Anyway this knee pain is, well, a bit of a pain as i was really getting into my running. So I finally go to the doc only for him to tell me to lay off the running for a bit as i have strained ligaments or something. He prescribes 400mg Ibuprofen and no running for a bit! I meanwhile have self diagnosed myself with illiotibial band syndrome (Google it!) and think i need a few visits to a physio. The doc merely scoffs at this suggestion and packs me out the door in what seemed like 5 minutes but was actually about 3 and a half minutes. Anyway (and now the story begins), whilst waiting on my prescription i notice a flyer on the wall for the British Heart Foundation - Everest Base Camp Trek. I take note and search the web back at the office. There it is in front of me.... i can raise money for charity and get the trip of a lifetime out of it! Brilliant idea.

So I start my 3 week search to find out as much info as possible. Now there are certain time restraints as my job has busy periods. So i figure i can go in March/April and possibly May of 2009. After researching different companies i think i may have decided on a company to do it with and my charity too. All details will be revealed when finalised. I didn't realise this kind of trip was so popular and that many people have done it. I am so looking forward to it but it much depends on the outcome of my regrading at work! (That's another story but I should know within the next week). I now own my first pair of walking boots - took me ages to decide and find a pair that felt 'right' but i got them and they wil be getting their first proper hill walk this weekend. The training begins here.....

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