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TRAIL magazine, October Issue ... Out Now!! eek

Friday, 29 August 2008

Hey everyone
well the time has come and it's finally out!!! The article about little old me in TRAIL magazine. Go out and buy it now!! If i do say so myself it is a pretty good article (cheers Claire) and the pictures are fantastic (thanks Tom). No seriously it's well smart and I'm well proud of it. If anyone is actually out there reading this and you go out and buy it, let me know what you think?
I was on a communication and supervisory skills course in St Andrews University from Wednesday to today (Friday) and only managed to get hold of a copy yesterday. They didn't have a copy anywhere and me and Brigitte 'trailed' the streets of St Andrews trying to find a place that stocked something more than a Financial Times or a trashy gossip mag! Thankfully good old WH Smith had a huge selection of mags and i stood there in the shop reading (well looking at the pictures really) before heading proudly to the till to buy it. I was dying to open it up at the page and say to the guy serving me 'this is me - look!!' but i resisted.
Anyhoo let me know what you think of it,
word of the day - knackered (and pleased)
Ange xx

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