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Halfway to the target...

Friday, 21 November 2008

Yes it's true... I have reached over 50% of my fundraising target - woohoo!!! Of course it's not been all of my own doing, I have had help along the way from various avenues and then there's all of you great people who have taken just 4 minutes to sponsor me online - BIG THANKS!! And to all those who say they will sponsor me, yes... it does only take a few minutes to do the online thing so get on with it!!

Following the success of the quiz night last night i have decided there will be another one. Around February time so I'll keep you all posted. The feedback I had about it was great and everyone who attended really enjoyed themselves. The mountain themed questions stumped a few folks but I didn't think What does the F in John F Kennedy stand for? would be so difficult?!!! Anyway the raffle prizes went down a storm and so far the total raised from the quiz night and raffle is £234. Pretty good huh. I will be better organised the next time and will start the promotion well in advance. But alas it will wait until after the Festive Season which is definitely upon us now....

... Popped into a sale in town tonight after and secured 1 present for Dad, 1 present for Baby Ryan and of course a little something for myself too that isn't made of Goretex or fleece - ha ha. Well chuffed. Only a few more to go now.

So this is a short a sweet posting tonight - yay i hear you cry! But if anyone can answer the question above there's a prize!!!! Answers on a post card to...... well not really but leave a comment if you know (and that is without checking Wikipedia first - cheater!).

Play safe,
Ange xxx

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