Bowery Mural

Banksy pt IV

Friday, 23 October 2009

She carefully ripped the now-yellow non-yellowing sellotape from the bubblewrap that had kept the Banksy under wraps for the past few months.  It really is a masterpiece, very much like her little Da Vinci masterpiece.  And while the Da Vinci is on display for all to see she still couldn't really bring herself to find that spot on the wall and nail the Banksy to it.

It sits on the floor of the brightly lit room and she has shown a few friends her newest piece of art but alas it won't be put on public display yet.  All in good time and when she's ready.

There are a few little flaws on this Banksy.  The Da Vinci has some too.  They both needed fixing up a few weeks ago but she was thankful that the local artist sorted them out.

So... Banksy... it's been revealed but is not ready for display.  Soon... perhaps.

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