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Oot the game!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

*warning: if you are of a weak disposition you may not want to read* you have been warned.

That's where I've been for the past three days - oot the game.  I've been struck down by 'a bug' that's going around.  First of all Ryan and my sister had it over the weekend.  Then when i came home from work Mum told me that Dad had it.  Then Monday night I could feel that something was up in my belly.  Or something was down.  But something not nice was happening...

I spent most of Monday night/Tuesday morning being sick and the rest! and I never slept at all.  The pain was bad but that nauseous feeling is the one thing that I do not like at all.  Once I was sick I felt better and thought that was it.  But no.  It brewed again and an hour after the first outbreak, the second one came and so on.  (Sorry was brewed too descriptive a word to use at this point?!).  This went on all night.  By 3am I'd decided it was safer for me (and the new carpet that mum's just had laid on the staircase) if I slept on the couch so I decamped down there and turned the telly on for company.

I never slept, too scared incase I was sick, too scared in case I did something else!  Several more trips to the bathroom were had before I noticed the time lapse between each trip was getting longer.  Then the tennis came on which pleased me (Murray V Nadal), something to watch that I enjoyed.  Also by this time Mum had gone to work and Dad had been up and gone back to his bed and then...

One more almighty trip to the bathroom...  It was not good this time.  Stomach cramps that would end my day (at least that's what it felt like).  When the business was done I couldn't raise my head much above leg height and decided the safest option just now was to lay on the bathroom floor until the sickly dizziness subsided.  I did shout on my Dad but he was out for the count.  A while later, not exactly sure how long, I thought I'd better get up as it was getting cold there on the floor.  So up I got, slowly, very slowly.  Ok things seem fine.  Gathered myself and went and lay on the living room floor wrapped in my quilt halfway between the radiaor and the telly.  I felt safe here, no dizziness when i was laid flat out.  Then I looked at the telly.  I'd seen the first set of tennis and now they were on set 3!!  I must have been on the bathroom floor for around an hour.  Damn!

Anyway Mum came in from work and we managed to get me onto the couch with the basin at the side (just in case), water and lucozade too.  I still didn't sleep.  Instead I dozed in and out of dreaminess.  Then the daytime tv programmes came on and I was woke by a whiney lassie in that Doctors programme that I've never really understood.  That was it.  Any chance of sleep was now gone.  I felt a bit better.  Still a funny belly though.  I lay in my bed and dozed in and out of Murder, She Wrote; Diagnosis Murder; Flog It; Ready Steady Cook and the rest.  I was getting really tired by now and my cravings for a big cold drink of Irn Bru were now more rampant than ever but I decided that it would be suicide to try and drink that at this juncture.  I set my video to tape some programmes I wanted to watch and tried to sleep but it was no use.  I was still up at 10pm on Tuesday night which was probably something near a whole 38 hours since i'd gotten up on Monday morning.  Tired was an understatement.  My head was also pounding with a headache again probably due to hunger and lack of sleep.  I fell asleep and woke up around 4am, then dozed off again and it was about 9am when I woke on Wednesday morning feeling a bit better.  Still a bit shaky legged, grumbly of tummy but no sickness!  yay!

On Wednesday I had my first bite to eat - toast and a cup of tea.  Then for dinner I had a piece on square sausage.  It was good.  There has been no sickness or the other stuff for a good day now.  There has been lots of daytime tv watched.  Most of it is rubbish but what else is there to do when you are off sick.  

Today has been a lot better.  Trying to eat and so far I've had toast and tea and I'm just about to have my favourite - mum's homemade macaroni cheese.  Yum!   Whilst laying on the couch or in my bed my consant companion has been the iPhone.  It's great.  There was no way I could have gotten messages to people without it.  Really, where would we be without the mobile phone and in particular the iPhone.  I kept up to date with the happenings on Twitter and the various blogs I read.  One story that unfolded was a girl who does some nice designs had her work ripped-off by another girl and she sold 'her' design to a well known clothes shop (who probably knew the work had been plagiarised).  I felt sorry for her (@gemmacorrell on Twitter) but after readng more I found that it's quite common.  How bad is that?  I actually managed to watch Steve Jobs announce the arrival of the Apple iPad! (iPad?).  I played Bejeweled 2 and have got to level 151 and over 17 million points - no joke (this is the Endless version that i've been playing for months).  I've checked out cool stuff that I want to buy but can't (i'm still on the shopping ban remember!) and also whilst lying on the couch i've noticed that the streets lights have taken until 5pm to come on at night which means the days are getting longer and it won't be long until we can play outside for ages!!!  Oh oh oh and today I watched Andy Murray get into the final of the Australian Open tennis tournament - Well Done!!

Today also I had my first shower in three days, washed my hair and now I think i'm ready to return to work tomorrow.  It's ok though.  It's fine, the toilets are just out the office and along the corridor... I won't have far to run :o)  

Ange xx              


  1. Ooooh doenae sound nice. The week befor Christmas I caught a chest infection from a work colleague, took me 3 weeks to get rid of it. I hope you get back to normal soon.


  2. It wasn't nice. Was still a bit iffy over the weekend but feel better now. And I've a sneaky feeling my new toy is going to be delivered soon and so that's made me feel better too! I can't wait!


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