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Monday, 24 May 2010

I’m in one of those melancholic moods again.  I think I was born with this trait.  Along with no confidence and a painfully low self esteem.  I don’t want to bleat on about that all the time because actually in the past few months I have been getting better thanks to all manner of people who may or may not know, directly or in directly, how they have helped me.  But if you’re reading this then you have…
In my melancholic state yesterday I decided what was needed was a bucket list.  You know?  Like off the film, except I’m not quite as old as those guys in the film and don’t worry I’m not about to die or anything like that… well not that I know of!  So here it is: My Bucket List.  If you want to help me tick off the items on this list go ahead and pick and number and let me know.  Let’s enjoy it!
  1. Walk along a remote beach in Scotland at sunset.
  2. Sell some of my lovely crafty wares online to actual people.
  3. Use my free meal for 2 voucher for the Landsdowne Bar.
  4. Cinema at least once a month.
  5. Go see the Tour de France LIVE!
  6. Weekend in London.
  7. Road tripping with friends - get in the car and drive, anywhere.
  8. Another trip to Barcelona cos it’s my favourite city.
  9. Find an excuse to wear my yellow dress.
  10. Find an even bigger excuse to buy the lovely dress I saw in Oasis the other day!
  11. Lots of Nic and Ange adventures (pick some of the above and below missy!)
  12. Surf in Hawaii
  13. Drive down the Pacific Coast Highway
  14. Sell some of my pictures
  15. Swing through the trees at Go Ape!
  16. Own a Frank Gehry necklace from Tiffany
  17. Write in my blog more
  18. Go see this bridge (Glenfinnan Viaduct).
  19. Scream like a child at Alton Towers
  20. Finish reading one of the 4 books sitting on my bedside table.
  21. Start my Uni evening classes – September 2010
  22. Keep taking photos ( @iphonograffi )
UPDATED: 25th May 2010

23.  Walk up more hills
24.  Stop worrying so much
25.  People watch in Grand Central Station

Ok that’s enough for now.  This list is not complete and will be added to every now and again as soon as an idea pops in to my head. 
By the way, as a follow up to the first paragraph of this post, I’m not an outwardly grumpy person who mopes around all day.  There are just some days when it all just catches up with me and I get all down on myself and what I have (or have not) achieved in my life.  Which on reflection might be a little more than some people, so it’s not too bad at all really.
Ange x  


  1. Do you need an excuse to buy a lovely dress? :-)

  2. You should join up some of your list items:

    Take a few days off, jump in your car with your nearest and dearest drive to London en route stopping at Alton Towers for fun times. Once in London you have no excuse not to wear your yellow dress, visit Tiffanys etc...


  3. Pacific coast highway sounds awesome! I'm reluctant to make my own list as it would be unfeasibly long :)

  4. I love this post!

    Everything is doable (is that a word?!) so you should go for it.

    I should be moving to London in October so you should come down and wear your yellow dress then.

    I agree with Lynne, no excuse needed to buy a lovely dress xx

  5. I also really want go to the Glenfinnan Viaduct (and say EXPELIARMUS!!! and pretend I'm in Harry P!)

    Good luck with your list!

    P.S. The captcha on this post says "healin" :) x


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