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Chasing the Sunset

Sunday, 22 August 2010

The week started off ok but with me having a bit of a scratchy throat.  I never bothered as i'm not one for getting ill really.  I needed a tent for a weekend camping expedition (to someone's back garden - more in another post) and there was only one person i knew who may be able to help.  After much deliberation i finally plucked up the courage to ask PTC for a loan of a tent to which her replied "Come on get one, and bring your bike".

Wednesday was the night and a fine night it was too.  I set off from work early again along the usual route but no sooner had i left work when i met a diversion and (horror of horrors) lots of police and a white tent in the middle of the road just at McDonalds drive-thru in Stirling.  This didn't look good.  I later discovered a man had been knocked down and killed by a lorry not 15 minutes before i got there.  Shame.  Makes you realise how short life is...

Anyway i made my was to meet up point and i was surprisingly early but Phil wasn't far behind me.  We got the bikes ready and then I went to collect a tent.  They decided i should take the Vango F10 Nitro 200.  I'd heard about this one before - hhmmm!!  I was assured it was would be fine and that although small it was in no way coffin-like.  In front of my eyes in the gear emporium was all manner of things.  But I was more distracted by the machines and various equipment and tools that lined shelves on the walls.  In so many ways it reminded of my Pappy's hut in Law.  Was there a lathe in there PTC?  Anyway after a bit of chatter we were soon on our way.

Headed the usual route with a few secret diversions thrown in before we headed up the hill.  The first bit of road is always good but tiring at the same time.  My legs were ok but by Wednesday my sore throat had gotten worse and a cough was developing.  We made a leisurely pace up the hill but the evening was nice.  The sun was still out, the rain that had threatened earlier in the day never appeared and i seem to get lucky when i go on this bike ride.  I took a few pics of the view as i never tire of it.  After pushing the bikes we got up to a gate on a steep section and there was more chat.  The custom is me getting grilled about various things!  A guy came pedalling up behind us.  It looked he hadn't stopped pedalling from the bottom all the way up which is some feat.  However he stopped and chatted for a wee while.

After about 10, well maybe 15 minutes (this was a relaxed mtb ride) we set off again up more gravelly section but we were on the bikes again.  I of course was lagging behind but going at my steady pace got me up to the guys at the next gate.  Then it was downhill.  Round the corner and across a grassy section, which was also boggy and i got covered.  Although it only seemed to cover my left shoe.  The muck was all over my bike.  I thought to myself that i'd keep this muck seeing as EVERYONE seems to slag me off about how clean it is, hehe.  We were into the forest section now and I was pretty good i have to say.  Hardly any stopping.  But by now you could see a lovely pinky orange colour through the trees and I knew we had to get out of the woods to see this magnificent sunset go down.  I remember thinking i always go on about chasing sunsets (much like people chase Twisters) but i was litterally pedalling and chasing a sunset that night.  If only you could have seen to face i was making, gritted teeth and a smile.  It was great.  We made it out just in time and although not it's best lightshow it was still awesome...

Next was the grassy track section (Would you guys say this was single-track?).  Anyway it was the last big downhill push.  "Are we stopping or going to the bottom?"  "To the bottom" i said (brave!).  And we did.  Only one stop in the middle after a wee tricksy drop bit.  It was quite hairy at times but I done well.  I think I'm getting my MTB mojo one bit at a time.  And i like it.  Once we were at the gate at Overtoun House we turned left and flew down the road and into the BP garage.

Tea, coffee, custard slices (not for me!) and chat.  Was a great nights biking.  I'd forgotten my lights... OK I haven't got lights yet so i was directed to the middle whilst i got blinded from behind by Phil's lights that looked as strong as car lights.  No matter, I always feel looked after when out with these people.  I drove home and decided to go over the Erskine Bridge for the first time since the back roads would be quite dark now.  I was home in an hour happy, muddy and thoroughly tired.  Good job.

Thank you again for another good night on the bikes.

Ange xx

More on the tent in a later post, i'll link to later on.


  1. Don't tell people about the lathe :o)

    Good job misses. You realise that once it's really cold and we're not getting heatstroke, we'll be riding that route in one go.

  2. ok.. no that wassn't a lathe in that there emporium.
    The route in one go is a bit ambitious. I'd be still making my way up that long drag to the second gate. Downhill could be a one go thing tho!
    Good times.


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