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Monday, 11 July 2011

I'm not very good at finishing things, as you might be able to tell from the abandoned 30 day photo challenge posts and the lask of Awkward and Awesome Thursday posts. The thing is i am very good at finishing things but some things I let slip by the wayside. Does this happen to you? I'm sure it must.

I have these great ideas and start on them with gusto and then.. blah.. it slips away. I wonder why...?

Anyway that's an aside. It's 5 working days til I am on my summer holidays. 2 whole weeks off work. Wahey! And I fully intend to hack away at that summer bucket list I posted a few months back here.

I am taking another trip to London off the list just now. Simply because I had to fork out £300 on a new clutch for my car a few weeks ago and it so spare cash for big trips is lacking. BUT, BUT, but... I may, just may be going on an awesome trip in February / March of 2012! Exciting.

Still on the list are a walk along a beach, any beach, a nice beach, somewhere. Seeing more movies. I haven't been to the cinema since I saw The Hangover 2 and there's been a good few films out that i've wanted to see. So I may just take myself off to see Bad Teacher tonight. Oh yes.

Also on the list is a road trip to Alton Towers. To a funfair. I've not been to the shows for years. Does anyone else call it 'the shows'?

Also during my summer holidays, I fully intend to got to the gym more and more spin classes. They started a new one on a Sunday and the first one was yesterday. It was pretty buy for a Sunday afternoon. I'll try to go along each week but you know, my summer bucket list day trips may get in the way!

Now, i must dash. I only popped on the check out the new Blogger layout in I like it. Very clean, fresh, modern. A big thumbs up from me. I like simple clean functional design.

I'm rambling now. I'll go.

Laters people,
Angela x

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