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Brad Visits Scotland

Sunday, 21 August 2011

If you've been living under a bush for the past few days you won't know this but Brad, Angelina and their brood are in Scotland! Brad is filming a new movie mostly around George Square in Glasgow but today he's been in Grangemouth. Wait! back up, you all know Brad? Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie? Only one of the most famous couples on the planet.

Anyway, i headed on the train to Glasgow yesterday in search of a glimpse of aforementioned movie star. What I saw was loads of American cars, signs, flags and a few extras running down a street, but alas no sign of Brad. There was definitely filing taking place. The big blue crane was hoisted high in the sky and another camera on an all black pursuit car as driving by.

In all honesty, yes he's Brad Pitt and he's pretty lovely but if i were to choose I'd say I'd rather meet Angelina in person. I find her fascinating. Her past, her present, her work for the UN, all of it. Plus besides me, she's the only other cool person i know to be called Angie *smileyface*.

I'm sure you've seen plenty of these pictures by now but here are mine from the movie set. Enjoy!

Angela x



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