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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

First of all, hello! I've not been here for a while. Life has been happening. Some good and some not so good. But I've still been here, lurking you could say. I've enjoyed some quiet time catching up on my favourite blog reads.

Talking of which... I was busily catching up on Wendy from the Thankfifi blog on Sunday evening when I noticed a competition!! Woohoo. Win a trip to Copenhagen plus some nice UGG goodies. I wasn't going to hesitate to enter this competition. What a dream. I could visit the sights from one of my favourite Scandinavian TV shows of the moment, Borgen. I'd pretend I'm meeting Kasper Juul for coffee. Swoon...

I started scouring the web for an outfit with my imaginary £1000 budget. Then I gave up around midnight as I was getting bleary eyed. I didn't forget though and the next day I collated my outfit and here is my entry below.

Total = £841.53

For this look I decided to stick with my usual smart casual style. And we know how much I LOVE my red Converse trainers, but since the weather is a bit chilly to wear those just now, I was thrilled to discover that there were a very cool (and not too dissimilar) pair of UGG shoes complete with furry sheepskin around the ankle and tongue as well as and leather lining to kick start this look. A perfect alternative to my Cons? Yes! I'm sure these would 'feel like nothing else' on my feet and would keep my little size 3 tootsies warm and toasty in winter.

Wearing my dark denim jeans, crisp white shirt and a pop of red in a cosy knitted jumper. I can see me sipping a hot tea and munching on a warmed scone in a little cafe on a bright winter afternoon.

To keep me ahead of the game in my second favourite spectator sport (people watching. Oh come on we all love doing that!), I opted for a new pair of Tom Ford glasses. I may paint my nails with my OPI shiny berry red polish from the Mariah Carey Holiday collection. Then, when it's time to go I'll pop on my cashmere beanie hat and oversized tartan scarf. Well, we are in Scotland after all! Cosy.

To finish my look I'll pop my laptop and purse and keys and phone and camera and 2 lip balms and notepad into my gorgeous leather Mulberry tote bag and set off to wander the streets...

To me that just feels like nothing else.

Hope you've liked my look. 

Angela x

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