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Happy Valentine's Day, to me

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Ah Valentine, schmalentine. That day of the year when folk who barely stand each other pretend it's love. Okay, okay that's my old self saying that. I've never really been into it though. You don't need lavish presents, roses and pink cards to say I love you to your special someone and who *actually* proposes on Valentine's day? Sorry if you have.

*Screech to a halt!!* Presents! Did I say who needs presents? Well, it's been an age since a card dropped through my letter box, never mind a present, so I thought I'd treat myself to a nice little present. Happy Valentine's Day to me. Meet Alexander, Alexander Wang that is.

Yes. I bought myself my first proper designer handbag. An Alexander Wang Rocco in ultra light dove grey lambskin leather. Wow I love it. I've been checking these out for a while now and have often thought about buying a 'Focco' (fake Rocco) from eBay. But I resisted as they just didn't look right. Then I bought myself a decent looking, black bag from Zara over a year ago. It's faux leather and so after every day use the straps are beginning to fray and one of them is ready to burst. I decided it was now or never. But since I'm going to New York in a month's time I wanted to wait. Oh yes, I've done the GBP > USD price comparisons, even from those great online stores who now ship to the UK but it was still pretty expensive. Then, last Friday as I lay in bed on a day off, I checked my emails and lo and behold an email had come in from The Outnet, Alexander Wang, New In, On Sale. Waaaaah! It was too good to resist.

I selected AW, then Bags, and searched never thinking that i'd actually get one but there it was. Now, it did say white on the description but as you can see from the pictures it's not white. Nevertheless, I still quite like it. I think the white would have been too stark. Really great for the summer though. This is described as Duvet on the label. All I can think is that Duvet describes that kind of off white grey feather colour you get. But it's really lovely. Perhaps a transition piece from winter to spring, then into summer.

I was surprised that it was small. This is the Rocco and not a Rockie (a smaller version). But in fact, it fits everything i'll need on an every day basis. As everyone says it is quite heavy but i kinda like that. The hardware on it it silver, my preferred choice. There are really cool studs on the bottom to prevent any leather touching the ground when you do have to lay it down. It feels substantial and like it will last for a while. I do hope so. The handles are grab handles which is god and there's a longer strap that you might just be able to wear cross body. If not it actually sits at a nice hip length on me. I'm sure i'll need it after a good few hours of lugging it around. The leather is think and pebbled. there's two hidden zip pockets on one end, a zip compartment inside as well as two pockets on the inside, one a mobile phone sized pocket.

I've brought it out for the first time today. I think it's safe to say I made a good spontaneous decision adding it to my shopping bag on The Outnet. So last night, it was just me, Alexander and the ice road truckers.

Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day,
Angela x


  1. I rarely have bag envy but this is an AWESOME bag!

    1. Thank you. I love it! As soon as I saw it i knew i had to get it. Hoping the bag another bargain when i head to New York at the end of March.


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