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New York - Sunday, sightseeing part 2

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Where were we?

Oh yes. Wall Street.

After I left the 9/11 memorial I was at a loss as to what to do next. It was gone 5pm and it was cold. Did I mention that? It was almost summer weather on the Saturday too! I had my 'stars' version of the sun and stars ticket to the Top of the Rock to use up. What to do in the mean time, what to do?

I walked for a little while. I visited Wall Street. Well you've just got to. It was quiet and I shared my visit with a busload of Japanese tourists. Photos were snapped and I went on my way.

Wall Street
I made my way to City Hall as I knew the Brooklyn Bridge entrance was close by. Once I got there I decided it was far too cold to cross that bridge today so I found a coffee shop and Facetime'd mum and dad. I was so glad to be sitting down, even just for fifteen minutes. My back was aching. I'd walked a fair bit since I woke this morning. My fingers were numb from taking pictures and from using the maps on my phone. All I wanted to do was lay down on that super comfy bed back the Refinery. But I was downtown, waaay downtown.

City Hall

Welcome to Chinatown
After I'd warmed up enough I set off on my journey back to the hotel. I walked to the subway station but it was out of order today. Damn. I checked my maps again and walked and walked and walked and eventually ended up in Chinatown. On my way there though, I came across a line of trailers parked in a street. It looked like some sort of filming had taken place just an hour or so earlier. They were clearing up now. Anyway, I found an open subway station and hoped on to get back to the hotel. I've never been as glad of a seat and a little bit of warmth as i was then. I got off at Park Avenue and found a pharmacy to buy some plasters (or Band Aids!) for my blistery feet. Luckily, I passed a cupcake shop too and popped in to buy one. I thought I'd eat it later on but turns out I still had it when I came home. Result.

Rockefeller Centre, always look up
Back at the hotel I freshened up and relaxed. Once I was ready I put on my scarf and hat and headed back to the Top of the Rock. There was a long queue outside and I wasn't sure if they were waiting to go up or waiting on a TV show recording. I headed inside and ended up getting straight into the lift to go up. Perfect. I skipped the queue at the fake NYC background again as I was eager to see this view at night time.

windy up top!
Wow. When I emerged front the lift I went around to the good side and yes, it was worth the wait and also worth the sun and stars ticket price! I'd really recommend a night visit. You see all of the lights flashing at you from Times Square. You see the buildings twinkling far off into the distance. I'm sure the golden hour sunset would be magical in the summer time (note to self!)...

Wandering in and out of the cold and windy viewing deck I got my picture taken again by a lovely Kodak lady. "These are really good" she laughed as she snapped away. When I was sure I'd taken in the view from every possible angle I headed inside and back down to the photo collection area. When it was my turn the girl showed me all of the pictures that had been taken on my morning and my evening visits and I chose quite a few. I got one printed and my free digital print, then I bought some more digital prints. They give you a coded receipt and you go to a machine, scan the barcode and enter your email address. A minute later the pictures are in your inbox. Voila! They really are pretty good.

It was still early, well about 9.30pm, and so I decided to have what may be my last walk through Times Square at night. Soaking in everything I made my way back to the hotel. I needed to pack. Tomorrow was my last day. I had to plan it to perfection. And so I did...

Angela x

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