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Juicy Brainwave

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The other week I had a brain wave. I get them now and again you know. I decided that to kick start my sugar detox and help my bodily functions I thought I'd try a juice cleanse.

Now, the back story is that I don't eat that much variety of vegetables or fruit. Shameful I know. I can't really eat apples or skinned fruit anymore due to them getting stuck in my brace and then I have to do a thorough brush of my teeth afterwards to get any apple skin out, and so it goes on... Lazy and really no excuse I know, but still.

Anyway, my brainwave.

I started looking at juice cleanses on the web and found a local company who delivered a one day sweet cleanse (a taster pack) for £45 plus delivery. That is expensive but it's almost half the price of other ones i found. A few emails back and forth and we'd arranged my delivery on Thursday of two weeks ago. I picked Thursday as it's the day I didn't really do any exercise and the information mentioned that you might want to take it easy on juice days.

The guy appeared at my office at a little after 9.30am as arranged. I got two brown papers bags with five 500ml glass bottles of varying colours, along with a lemon, a shot of ginger, two detox teabags and information leaflets. I read the leaflets and I was to start my juice cleanse with one nice fuchsia pink coloured liquid. Oh they also included straws. Very handy when you want to just slurp and swallow instead of taste this liquid. The pink liquid was watermelon, lime and mint. It was okay. It was drinkable. You aren't meant to gulp these drinks down. The information said to drink it like food. So, no sipping, but no gulping. It took me two hours to finish this bottle. Good start from me, high five.

The next one on the list was a green one. I was dreading the green ones. Green drinks aren't appetising really. This one had kale, apple, cucumber, ginger and something else that I can't recall. I want to purge this smell from my mind. For yes, when I opened each bottle I had a sniff. This one was a very strong cucumber smelling juice. Like, very strong. I popped in a straw, pinched my nose and took a long draw of liquid. Ugh. Disgusting. I couldn't do it. Bleurgh. I gave a colleague a taste too. She didn't mind it but agreed about the cucumber being overpowering. 

I decided to miss this green one out and go straight for the purple one. The beetroot one. Now, looking at the ingredients it didn't have the much beetroot in it but we all know that beetroot stains easily and the colour most certainly was of the beetroot hue. I lasted about three draws of drink throughout the straw and I gave up. I can't do juicing. I went and got a cup of tea and some water.

There ended my foray into juice cleanses.

Seriously, who would do juicing for the love of it? They aren't my taste at all. I can't think why anyone would do this for more than one day. That's totally nothing against the company i bought mine from, in fact they were very good. The juice came in lovely glass bottles, or you can opt for plastic ones. You do get a little money off your next order if you return the bottles to them so that's good. So yes, the company were good but juicing is just not for me. 

The last green one was a broccoli and kale affair. I can only imagine what that tasted like!

The juices that were left didn't go to waste. A colleague took them home. But I think I've had it with the idea of juice cleansing. It's not for me.

Now I'm left with some really nice glass bottle to up cycle into some nice table decorations/ornaments. So I suppose something good came out of my juice cleanse. If you think you can stomach the taste of juices, go ahead. I think from now on I'll stick to my fruit and chicken salads - not together!

Oh and granola. I am obsessed with Jordan's Super Nutty Granola, with some yoghurt and fresh strawberries. I'd eat that every day if could.


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