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Rag and Bone Fedora

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I do love a good hat and had been after one of these babies for a long time. Then, when I went to New York I decided to take the plunge and buy one as the exchange rate was so good. So I popped into Rag and Bone on East Houston Street and after trying several styles and various sizes I opted for the safe black version. I figured it would go with anything.

Here we have my accessory of the year. The Rag and Bone floppy brimmed fedora hat. It's the perfect hat as far as I'm concerned. Excellent quality, 100% wool. Just the right hat height. Nice leather trim, and whenever I wear it I never feel like it's going to blow off my head. I haven't been out in gale-force winds wearing it though!

I even managed to successfully get it all the way home from New York in it's bag without it being squashed and misshaped. Result! There was one scary moment on the LHR - EDI flight when a late comer to the plane almost flung their rucksack on top of it in the overhead baggage but i managed to intervene, haha.

Angela x

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