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New Year, New Hair

Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes many different things, one of them being new hair! Or rather, a new hairdo. I gone done it. I had my hair chopped. It's so bouncy and really curl now and although it's quite a bit shorter than i had originally thought, I actually quite like it now. It's taken no time to get used to although i really should try to style it better, perhaps with the tongs to get more beachy waves. That's if I can be bothered.

the self: glasses by Celine

I'd been wanting to have my hair cut for ages and with each passing day Pinterest and Instagram were throwing at me so much fodder in the 'hair' sections I just had to book the appointment and go for it. I really wish I could get the hairdresser to cut my hair when it's dry though. Can anyone tell me why they won't cut curly hair dry? It's so much better to see the way it sits naturally than when wet. Hence the reason i now have corkscrew curls at the nape of my neck! Also, why do they suggest that curly haired girls style their hair by applying a cream then twisting sections and either blow drying or leaving to dry naturally. When I've had that done (twice) it looked a mess and left me feeling like I'd just walked out of a bush. It isn't nice at all. No, I just apply product and leave to dry naturally.

I finally got the last few bits of that out of date ombre colour cut off the back but it's left me my colour a bit flat so I'll be looking to get a few bits added back in in the near future.

side view: curls my own, glasses by Ray-Ban and yes I was deciding between two pairs

Now, if any fellow curly girls know of good styling products that don't give you that crunchy wet look do let me know. I'm using a curl cream and some Oribe Surfcomber mousse at the moment which is good but really expensive.


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  1. Wow! Looking good! It looks like you are all set to completely greet the best that the new year has got to offer. With that, I mean lots, I could sense it. Propping your hair is a fine manifestation of that. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures! All the best to you!

    Robyn Wagner @ Alternatives Salon


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