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Two days in Paris

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Paris. The city of Love, they say. So what does a single girl on a solocation do on a 2 day trip to Paris?

Now, I love sport. And now I love to travel too (although still not that well travelled yet). What's that got to do with Paris? I hear you say. I did hear it. Honest. Well, let me tell you...

I love most sports, with a keen eye on cycling, and ever since ITV started televising every, single, day of the Tour De France a hundred years ago, I've always said I'd like to see the final stage live on Champs Élysées. This year it is finally going to happen. A free flight and a lovely little hotel booking near the Louvre means that on that final day I will be standing there on a sunny (please weather gods!) street in Paris watching the sport I've come to love in the city of love. #Dreamy

But what else can I squeeze into a few short 48 hours? Let me know. Where should I eat? Must-see attractions - without many queues? Little cafes? Favourite views? Cake shops? Bridges to wander over? Galleries to marvel at? Hidden gems?

Let me know in the comments below, dear internet.

Angela x

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