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Munro 1, part 2 - the descent...

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Hello again, this isn't going to be as long as 'the ascent' so you can breath a sigh of relief.

Well... we managed to make our way back down in 2 and a half hours. Good pace for my first one i was told. It always seems much easier on the way down, why is that? I have to admit to a few sneaky looks back at where we had just come from. Wow, did I really climb up those rocks? Yay me!

We passed the green loch on the way down, so called because of it's jade green water. There were a few kids playing in it as the sun was really strong by now and i resisted the temptation to get my boots off and dip my tired and burning hot feet in it. We made our way back down the welcome terrain of a fairly level track to Glenmore Lodge where i was assured that there would be copious amounts of cake and tea ready. We got back and i wasn't disappointed. Warm scones and the biggest plates of jam and clotted cream you can imagine. Scrumptious!

I made my way back home and got down the road in just a little over 2 hours. I have to admit to getting a bit emotional on he journey home, I think it suddenly hit me what i had done. Sounds weird i know a it's only a Munro but this is all happening pretty quickly (in the space of 3 months) and it's a bit overwhelming at times. But nevertheless i am taking every opportunity that i coming along and is being offered to me. This is the new me! and i like it.

Once again, special thanks must go to Claire, Tom and Alison and all at Glenmore Lodge for a fab day!

Take care,
Angela x

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