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Big hills and my first munro!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

I've been keeping the training up and scaled a few hills at the weekend courtesy of the University of Stirling DASS hillwalk. Team members: Ian (the leader, chief and seasoned munro-bagger), Douglas (jimmy krankie), Sharon (personal motivator and ever present walking partner), Sam (designated driver), Christine (athletic, first time hill-walker) and me (eager novice). Set off at 8.30am and got back at 11pm! What a day. OK i'll admit, i hit a personal brick wall a couple of times but the team were there to get me through it and talk rubbish. Various topics included movies (it was decided Juno was a good movie to see, Sex and The City might be good but a bit too long and Jumpers was totally rotten), The Krankies!, food (tomato and chicken baguette wanted swapped for some pasta), Joey & Chandler - haha, and various matters that shall remain on the hill. A good day was had by all and the 2nd day tiredness hit everyone on Monday i think, well it did me!

It gave me a rude awakening about the challenge i have set myself but i remain determined as ever to get there to Everest Base Camp.

I've just received the news that I am going to be climbing my first munro (Bynack More), courtesy of Trail magazine and Glenmore Lodge, Aviemore. Looking forward to that next week. I shall report back with details and hopefully some good pictures.

As ever, play safe
Angela x

PS here's the link to my new online sponsorship page!

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