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Another day, another target reached!...

Monday, 8 December 2008

Hello people, hope this finds you all well and raring to go for Christmas!?

Well it is with great pleasure that I announce that I have reached my first fundraising target of £2600 - 80% of my overall target of £3250. This has come about and was reached when my Auntie Norah held a prize bingo in her house on Friday night. It was a good wee night and a huge thanks also to all the ladies of Dunblane for coming and making it a great success. The total raised at it was £225 which is fab just for being in the house. The next one will be held in February - come along, who secretly doesn't love a game of BINGO??!! ha ha.

It was also here that I met a lady who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. She gave me a few words of encouragement and told me that it was because of people like me raising funds for such a worthy cause that makes her life a bit more easier with the help she and others receives from charities such as Marie Curie Cancer Care. I was so touched and moved but managed to hold myself together and not to cry in her face. I mean after all, she is the one going through it. I would never have guessed to look at her either. A really nice lady... she won about 3 prizes and claimed this was beginners bingo luck!! Good luck to her.

Anyway this is another opportunity for me to say THANK YOU to each and everyone who has sponsored me, contributed home-baking to cake sales, sold raffle tickes, donated prizes for raffles, wished me luck, took me walking, gave me inspiration and finally encouraged me on every step on my journey so far. You are all great! (Jeez, that was such a lame thing to say eh!).

So yeah, cheers everyone

take care,
Ange xxx

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