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Twas the night before Christmas...

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

... and now less than 100 days till I set off on my travels. It really is going too quickly now and before I know it I'll be on that plane heading to pastures new. Oh it's very exciting.....

Hey all

Well Christmas has gone and sneaked up on us again and i'm just finished making 'Angie's special fudge'. It's well tasty and hopefully will be well received after dinner tomorrow. I watched my favourite Christmas film today - Santa Clause The Movie. I got it on video when i was a wee girl and I just love it. It's nice but Ryan did not appreciate it today! I don't think he gets the whole Santa thing yet, he's actually pretty scared of him I think and wouldn't go to the Grotto in Stirling to have his picture taken with Santa - 'No Angie, no like it' were his words. I think next year when he's 3 he'll understand it more. Or maybe when he gets his brand spanking new mountain bike tomorrow morning he'll get it!!!!

I think Santa is bringing me some kit for Christmas (I seen the Tiso bags laying around, lol), hhhmmmm i wonder how he knew? ... and what will it be??

Now it is time to announce that i have reached 92% of my target and I am on course to beat the target of £3250!!! this is great news and a big relief before Christmas as there have been times when I've thought that it would never happen.

On that note I will bid farewell and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!!
take care,
Ange xx

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