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Everyone has their own Everest to climb...

Thursday, 21 May 2009

I'd thought about changing the name of my blog from Project Everest to something else when I came back from the trek but i recalled with a smile on my face of an evening at a talk by a mountain man. Quite a well known one too. He said 'Everyone has their own Everest to climb, it might be to get to base camp, it might be to climb Mt Everest or it might be just life'. So that's why I'm not changing the blog name, because I've been on a journey and I am still taking it. Hopefully it will take me to places I've never been before. To meet people I've never met before. To live a life that I never knew could be lived before. This blog will be my journey and ramblings about all things that happen in my life - Project Everest.

This week has seen many teams reach the summit of Mt Everest and here's a few I've been following (links to their dispatches can be found on the right of this page):

First Ascent - team 1 up and heading down, team 2 on their way!

Dream guides - Finally Sir Ranulph Fiennes made it to the top. This being his 3rd attempt. Well done to everyone in the team. Grand effort indeed!

Eco Everest Expedition - includes Apa Sherpa who we met at our hotel in Kathmandu. 19 summits!!!! Wonderful.

There's lots of different teams still on the move up that wee hill and I wish them all good luck and best wishes. Very good website with regular updates :

Speaking of having a mountain to climb, I am delighted and excited to announce that i have now reached the £4000 mark with my fundraising for Marie Curie Cancer Care. A huge big massive thank you to every single one of you who have donated and sponsored me and to Mr PTC for pushing me to that total by donating just the right amount - £13.65! Pure dead brilliant so it is!

This message is for Fernicus and Roofus. Ptarmigan sightings!!
Glen Fiddich is currently on the move, no news of Mr Pastry yet, White Water Steve (see what i did there ;-) ) no news but perhaps Glen Fiddich has caught up with him, Banu's 'brother' I'm still not sure he is even there!!

I've not found a cure for the CMS yet. I think the Diamox might work like it does for AMS - fingling tingers, giggling fits, general tomfoolery... oh what fun, not to mention the frequent trips to the outside loos (remember your antibac hand gel!). Anyway i'm not sure i want a cure for CMS, i kinda like it!! ha ha. Keeps us busy during the day when we're meant to be working. Love it.
Ange xx

song of the post: Move Any Mountain - The Shamen..... pah! just kidding it has to be:

Wild Mountainside Eddie Reader (sings Burns)

Beauty is within grasp,
Hear the islands call
The last mile is upon us, I'll carry you if you fall
I know the armour's heavy now, I know the heart is tired
It's beautiful just over, The wild mountainside

Snow is falling all over, Out of clear blue sky
Crow is flying high over, You and I are going to wander
High up where the air is rare, Wild horses ride
It's beautiful let's go over, The wild mountainside

Wild and free we roam, Only a mile to go
Beauty is within grasp, Hear the highlands call
The last mile is upon us, I'll carry you if you fall
I know the armour's heavy now, I know the heart inside
It's beautiful let's go over The wild mountainside
It's beautiful just roaming The wild mountainside

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