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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Another wee break from the trek trip report. I will finish it one day...

So I was out the other night for a wee wander. My first real jaunt since coming back from Nepal. It was nothing too strenuous, just my usual walk from work up through Bridge of Allan and out to Dunblane. I got all suited and booted and headed out. It was a nice summer evening. I like this walk and it was a good break from the place I call 'work'. It's been a bit rubbish as of late. Coming back from Nepal I was riding on a wave of positivity, I was looking forward to getting back to work and then perhaps even planning my next challenge. Then you settle back into the old routine and some things never change.

Whilst walking along the road I was mulling things over in my head. The past week hasn't been too good. People can disappoint you in many different ways. Even the ones you thought could never, sometimes do. And the ones you expect to, well they always do. Some people who appear to have everything and yet they still moan when (heaven forbid) they have to do actual work that they signed on for!!

I vividly recall young girls of no more than 18 years old in our porter group hauling my 15kg duffel bag onto a woven basket along with 2 others, strapping it to their heads and walking 12km a day in nothing but a pair of flip flops. Spending some nights in a cave. Waking every morning to carry our bags and not once complaining. I wish all those fortunate people here would sling a 10kg bag on their backs and walk around the loch at the Uni for 6 hours. They'd soon know what a real job was and that in fact they have no real reason for complaining.

But... people are strange. Some have thoughts of others, some don't. Some have compassion, some don't. Some have a backbone, some don't. Some are great, some are not. But me... well I'm not going to let the negativity that is flowing around the workplace and indeed the country at the moment, interfere with my positive feelings I brought back from Nepal. Those Nepali people, well they were great. My trek buddies, were amazing. My friends, well they are great too. My office buddies, they are just fab. My family, mean the world to me. And really that's all I need concern myself with.

signing off and going for lunch
Ange xx

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  1. Namaste Angela

    Having been a day in front of you on the trek ( I was supposed to be behind you but we got 1st tickets on the Lukla flight so I probably stepped over you getting to the plane) all along without knowing it. I know how you are feeling. It has changed my outlook at work, people just do not know how lucky they are, I have found myself weeping in frustration.

    Stay strong and keep a hold on the fact that you have been to the bottom of the top of the world!

    I left the UK with no children but came back with seven having agreed to sponser the children of my guide and porters.

    When I was in Namche I overheard a monk trying to explain to a group of trekkers what was special about Nepal, and i quote 'Nepal is a country that has nothing, but a country that has everything' I'm sure that you will be able to understand what was being said.

    The memories from this trek will stay with me for the rest of my life and I'm sure that you feel the same.

    Work is work, what you have done is remarkable. The amount of money you have raised is wonderful.

    Be proud, be strong.

    Anna x


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