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Friday, 15 January 2010

I don't have much to say these days.  I can't seem to put things into words right now.  It's strange.  I'll leave it at that. 

But for now, here's a nice little story that happened this past couple of weeks...

The backlight button was pushed but nothing really happened.  The display went a bit fuzzy.  The once clear numericals were now bits of mashed up numbers.  It was time for action.  I searched the web hit on the Suunto website, opened a 'case' file and sent a question.  Next day was a reply.  I needed to send the Suunto Core Wristop Computer in yellow and black back to Suunto but first to check the warranty status.  A few digits were entered and yes I was ok, it was still under warranty.  I was then directed to a 'service request' form which I duly filled in with all the necessary details of the problem, the watch and my details.  A few minutes later I was sent a couple of emails with really detailed instructions about how to send it back.  It was very easy to do all that was required was a phone call to DHL and for me to print off all the forms that were already completed by the lovely people at Suunto.

This all took place during the Christmas holidays but due to the weather and me not having access to a printer I waited until I was back at work. 

Last Wednesday my brilliant little (or big) Suunto Core was packed up and sent back to Suunto in  Finland.  And today, a mere 1 week and 2 days later, I received in a delivery from Suunto via DHL, a brand new Suunto Core watch!!!  How's that for Customer Service people?!  The problem was the button was faulty and so I got a whole new watch!!!  It's great.  Well done Suunto for customer service of 5 stars (for me anyway!).

This is the old one 'in the field' so to speak.  A good watch.  Although a big face, it's very light on the wrist.  The rubberised strap is comfortable and practicle.  I use it all the time, mostly.

And this is the new one, as yet untested in the field but i'm sure it'll do just as good a job.

Oh and I nearly forgot another quite good thing that happened.  I got new glasses just before Christmas.  A pair of pretty cool if a little geeky black Oakley's.  They were nice.  But after a few days of wear I realised they were heavy on my face, pinched on my ears, slid down my nose and at spin bike class they nearly fell off.  After 4 times back at the shop having them adjusted I couldn't take it any more and went back last Saturday to Vision Express to ask if I could exchange them for another pair.  The girl went away and checked and yes I was allowed to pick a new pair of glasses up to the same value.  I did just so and picked up my new glasses on Tuesday. 

So far they are much lighter, they fit my face better, they don't slide as much down my nose and they arer a nice smoke grey colour. You see I just couldn't go for the wild and wacky glasses in a funny bright colour. Bright colours are for clothes, not for glasses!

Not sure when normal service will return to this here blog.  There is little to write about just now...  Soon hopefully, soon.  Feel free to write with suggestions for blog posts, my imagination has been wiped clear since the year has turned over to show it's new face...

Take care
Ange xx


  1. You need a trip to the hills to get the creative juices flowing again !

  2. Aye. I think you might be right!


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