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Thursday Three... pt3

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Three ideal days or nights out.
 (By the way these are always in no particular order).

Number One

A walk along a remote Scottish Beach

I've been longing to do this for a while. Gather a few of my favourite people and go driving and searching for a remote (and also very lovely and clean) Scottish beach. I asked around and there seems to be a few more than I expected. I have a few ideas but they'd take at least an overnighter stay somewhere to get there. But yeah that's what i'd like to do one weekend. Drive to a remote Scottish beach. Walk along it. Maybe even sit on it. Taking it all in. Taking fabulous photos. Have someone take fabulous photos of me. Then afterwards some nice eatables and chat. So if you know anywhere like the picture below that's not too far away, pleaselet me know. Additionally if you wanna join me on this trip, comment me up.

Number Two

Museums, Dinner, Cinema

I'd love to have a nice day out visiting museums and galleries, then head for dinner, then on to the cinema to catch a film. Simple really. I'm a simple girl with modest tastes really. If you fancy sharing this day someday let me know.

Number Three

Adventures in the Countryside

Spending the day hill walking and cycling around some of our beautiful countryside. Finished off with a stop-off in a country pub for a hearty meal. Sun-blushed, rosey-cheeked, knackered and happy. It's been too long since I've stood atop a hill. Slightly less time since i've had a good blast on the bike. Morning bike rides round the village don't cut it any more.

So that's it. Nothing fancy. Simple pleasures in life are where's its at.
LET'S DO IT!! Let's make number one happen soon?!!!

Ange x

PS Next weeks Thursday Three is Three things you want to do before the end of 2010! Get thinking peoples.

Here is a fantastic Three Ideal Days/Nights Out From @Woodyben It's brilliant, hop on over and take a read!!



  1. I'd definitely be up for a beach visit but probably not until it gets a bit warmer again as I'm a WIMP! :)

  2. A winter wander was what i was meaning!! Come on, put two jackets on :-)


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