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What I Digg in 2010

Sunday, 17 October 2010

I read a blog the other day about things a guy was liking in 2010. His was mostly iPhone apps and Google calendars etc and so I thought i'd do my own post about Things I Digg in 2010.

My iPhone. Ok so I got it late 2009 but that's a year I've had it now and I'm sorry to the Apple-phobes but i just could not live without it. It's a constant companion to me holding a compendium of info and apps and music and podcasts and photos.  Love it.

Hipstamatic, Camerabag, and lots of other photography/camera apps for the iPhone. I love taking photos, of anything. I've got a pretty decent digital camera (Panasonic Lumix) but for convenience and time-saving I use these apps.

Spin class at The Peak sports village, Stirling. I love it. It keeps me sane. I get a buzz when I'm done and if I haven't been feeling that great I always come out feeling much better about things. It's the combination of the loud music, the pushing yourself to the limits and the nice folk there. Andy is a brilliant instructor and motivator.

Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam keeps my curly hair in check. And the delicious coconut scent makes sure my hair smells lovely. A spritz of water in the morning brings it back to life. Curly hair rocks.

My lovely CUBE Access SL mountain bike!! It's the best and biggest purchase i've made in a while. It looks great and does exactly what i need it to.

The shop All Saints. Yes it's a bit expensive but i've ordered a few things online and each time I'm thrilled with the service and free delivery. I get an email when the items were dispatched, a text with a hour long time slot of when the items will be dleivered and they are always beatifully packaged. My deliveries have always been bang on in the middle of the texted time slot. Plus in their end of summer sale I got 4 pairs of shoes for £110!! Bargain considering that one pair alone should have been £145.

Sending wee parcels of goodies to friends. I've sent a few of these this year to a small number of lucky people and they've been well received. So look out, you might get one in the post. A surprise mind, so i'm not telling you.

That's a few of the things i Digg in 2010.  I might update this post with more but since 2010 is nearly over and as 2011 approcahes at a pace so fast i'm slightly uneasy, then perhaps I'll wait until then to post on this subject.

Ange x



  1. Great post!! :)

    Tried spin once and I loved it, it really works wonders doesn't it?


  2. It does Kat but i think my body is getting used to it now. Need something else added into my fitness regime.
    Running? x


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