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Bad day turns Good

Monday, 31 January 2011

It's fair to say I've not been feeling good the past day or so. Not sick or anything, just a bit pissed off at a few people. But after a virtual pep talk and a read through some of my favourite blogs I feel a bit better about things. Got it into perspective. Edit out the comparison trap that Twitter can sometimes become. Becka Robinson over at Life as an Artistpreneur describes it perfectly in a recent post.

Add to that, I've only gone and won a mini competition that was on Twitter by the Hoxton Hotel in London. You see i tried but failed to secure one of their £1 rooms in the recent sale last week but today I won the chance to book a room for £1! Pretty good huh. So I've fired an email off asking for some dates, lets see what they come back with. I cannot wait for that.

I received two emails today from friends. Good friends. They fairly cheered me up.

Also... (good things just keep coming!) is a new video sharing platform coming soon to iPhone and Android. If you're a fan of Instagram (which I LOVE) then this appears to be like that but with video. Check the SocialCam link out please. Its due out in March 2011 and I'm hoping to do video posts from my birthday.

AND... here's another thing to cheer me up. Glee is on telly and Mercedes is singing River Deep Mountain High by Tina Turner. If that doesn't get you smiling and moving then nothing will. DANCE!! go...

Finally I'm heading on a trip down south at the end of February and just received a lovely tweet from someone saying they can't wait to meet me. Me too! it'll be a brief but fun mini adventure. One of many this year i hope.

I'm going to learn a lesson from today. And it shall be this. No matter how bad your day might seem there are people and things that will happen and can turn it around a little. Maybe not a complete 360, but certainly a 180.

Angela xx


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Glad your day turned around for the better! :)

  2. Hi Becka
    thanks for the comment!
    It was your post on how to escape the comparison trap on Twitter I could totally identify with. There are days i want to shut it all out so that I don't see the shameless self-promoters, the ruthless business types and the sycophants who are all over each other - ugh!

    Apart from that i still love Twitter and i love your blog too :)


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