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Thursday Three

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Today's Thursday Three topic is favourtie foods/meals as suggested by Laura (@Loo_Rah).

Numbero uno

Well, anyone who knows me well will know that my mum's homemade Macaroni cheese is my favourite food. And you 'll also know that I have it every week on the same day. A Tuesday. I never used to eat it until i was a teenager. Pasta was foreign to me until then but i was hooked as soon as i tasted it. I never get the same plate twice as when she makes it she doesn't measure anything. But my favouritest is when there's plenty of the cheese sauce left onthe bottom of my plate that i can soak up with a slice of bread (or two). It's really yummy.

Numero dos

Sausage on a fork. This you might think of as strange but whenever i have a sausage i eat it from the end of a fork like a lollipop. I don';t eat sausages that often but if i'm at a barbecue or something i'll have a sausage on a fork. It all stems back to when i was a kid and we used to go to Chapel on a Sunday. We'd head back to my Granda's for breakfast and he'd have the full bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, fried tomatoes on the go for my mum and auntie's but i'd just opt for a sausage on a fork. Good times and great memories.

Numero tres

Saturday night dinner is awesome. I've never ever been a fun of Sunday dinners. I can't be doing with roasts all the time and i've recently gone off chicken but one thing i will never tire of is Saturday night dinner. I have the same thing every week and i love it. A nice piece of steak, homecooked chips, sweetcorn and a scrumptious mushroom and onion sauce. Love it. Except, I go to spin on a Saturday night (mostly!) and its ready as soon as i get home at 7.30pm. I think i was eating all of this too soon after spin and it was giving me stomach pains. So a little break between is called for.

Angela xx

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