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The one with the Zara top blooper

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

You'll remember the post from a few weeks ago about the dresses I was going to buy for a friends wedding in September? Well the red dress, although very lovely, just didn't suit me and I opted for the amazing yellow dress from Zara. Secretly I was pleased, this was my first choice anyway. I should just learn to trust and accept my gut feelings on these things. On everything really... but that's for another post.
yellow dress Zara
As soon as I got a refund for the red dress from Topshop, I ordered the yellow Zara dress. With it being £45.99 I only needed to spend another £4 to get free delivery. So I had a browse and found a cool little summer tank vest top in the TRF 'new in' section for £9.99. Cool.

They both arrived and i was chuffed. The dress is ace (and I cannot wait to wear it) and the vest top was ace too. Until I spotted this... Can you see it?...

Nope? Okay let me point out the OBVIOUS spelling mistake. Now the design is nice and whimsy and summery and appealed to my romantic side. Look. A mermaid and a fish with little love hearts above them. Then the slogan. Just take the plunge... No, wait! 'Just take the pluge'. What?! 'the pluge'. WTF is a pluge. I googled it. I checked my dictionary and thesaurus apps and i could not find the word plug (that could be used in this context). So a bona fide spelling mistake on a top.
just take the pluge. WTF Zara?
Question is. Is is deliberate? If so, why?! If not, then how could Zara let this mistake go by. I promptly searched their website again for the vest top. I couldn't find it! It couldn't have sold out that quickly having previously just been in their 'new in' section. It puzzled me for a day. Why would they put a deliberate mistake on a top? It's such a shame as it's a great fitting, quality vest top. Other than that blaring blooper.

My dilemma is do i get a refund or just keep it? I emailed them asking for an explanation. I explained that they appeared to have pulled it from the website. 3 days later i got a rambling reply saying thanks for pointing it out and it would now be removed from the website. Dudes! It's already gone. What I want to know is are you gonna let me keep this top from your store with a spelling mistake on it.

So far it's still in my drawer with the tags on. I really like the fit and the material is nice. I figured that I could get away with it in summer, on a beach, if i were ever to get there. Plus my romantic side is saying keep it. Look at those lil hearts. My sensible side is saying take it back for a full refund and if they had any sense they'd let you keep it for nothing!

What do you think?

Ah but look at this yellow dress...

Angela x



  1. I'm actually in shock that they didn't spell it right! They can't expect you to keep it surely. That would drive me crazy!

    Yellow dress looks fab on you though. :-)

    1. I know! At first I thought they were trying to be cool. Then I sent an email. All they said was they would take it off the website, nothing more.
      It's a pity because the top is a great fit and nice material. I have kept it though.

      Thanks re the yellow dress. I'm dying to wear it now! :-)


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