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Fitness Friday 2: New Workout Gear, the Nike dri-fit touch breeze vest

Friday, 17 May 2013

I bought some new gym gear last weekend. After years of being only a t-shirt wearer, I decided I'd like a few vest tops. My t-shirts are becoming a bit worn and are constantly on rotation. I have 3 pairs of bottoms that I also rotate, depending on which class I'm going to.

I headed into the Nike shop in Glasgow and had a wee browse. I picked up a pair of capri tights in plain black with a cool waistband. They'll do. The tops on the other hand were a bit more of a decision. I don't like a low cut top of any kind. But vest tops are low by their nature, aren't they. 

My current t-shirt of choice is the Nike Miler running top. The material is wicking and quick drying. It feels better when wet than cotton (wet cotton sticks to you). Anyway I saw some vests in nice bright colours. They would be mine. They are the Nike Dri-Fit Touch Breeze vest top (£22). I've wanted a fluro yellow top for ages and picked up the small size. The other colours were sky blue, black or orange. They didn't have a small though. Hhhmm. I also grabbed the t-shirt version in fluro yellow in an extra small.

vest on left, t shirt on right
I took them to the fitting rooms and tried them all on. The colours were great but the small was a bit too loose. I don't like a loose low cut top. Can you imagine that sight on a spin bike. Things popping out! well, they would be if they were any decent size, and i wear a sports crop top to actually no chance of popping out. But I digress. I don't like low cut tops...

I came out of the changing room and decided on the capri tights and the yellow t-shirt. A little disappointed, I asked the nice girl if they had any more sizes in the vest tops. Luckily she said yes that they had new colours just in but they weren't on display yet. She arranged for some more colours to be brought down in my size: extra small. I snapped up the red vest but I'll be going back for the pink one soon! The red isn't a traditional red, it's bordering on coral, which is just as good as it'll match my nails! *wink*.

I wore the yellow Nike dri-fit touch breeze t-shirt (which seems to have vanished from the website) to spin class on Wednesday night and can confirm it was good. Although, by the end I was soaking with sweat and it did cling to me. The neckline is a slightly scooped v-neck but its so flattering, especially on someone like me who isn't exactly endowed in that area *ahem. Loved the colour though.
ok so the vest looks orange but it's red, coral red
Incidentally they seem to have gone into 'coming soon' mode on the Nike website but you should be able to pick them up from your local Nike superstore.

Angela x

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  1. I really need to get some new gym gear.

    Well, I need to start going back to the gym again first . . .


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