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Words Fail Me

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Every time I sit down to write a post my mind goes blank. In the shower is where I have my most brilliant ideas for posts. I write them all out in my mind. I get myself motivated and gee'd up, but by the time I've left the shower, my ideas have all but gone.

The smart little sentence structures wiped from my mind. The funny one liners - woomf! - vanish in a flash. (Btw, Woomf is the new word for a finger click - yo).

You'd think I was a great wordster the way I've just written what I've written above. I never claim to be a great wordsmith. In fact, English was one of my least favourite subjects at school. That whole grammar, full stop, comma, semi colon thing really didn't sit well with me. Perhaps that's why i like Twitter so much. There's not really much that can go awry in 140 characters, is there?!...

Fear not though. I'm working on keeping these ideas alive. I've added a suitably large notepad by the side of my bed for scrabbling down any mere hint of a blog post idea. I've cleared space on my iPhone so that i can tap a few words down in any spare given moment. I've drafted a few 'fillers' for the off days and I'm going to try to brush up on my grammar, if i can be bothered.

Angela x


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