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Teeth Brace: Month 2

Thursday, 6 June 2013

I had my second 8-week brace adjustment appointment with my orthodontist last week. So I'm now 16 weeks in to my 2 year brace life. I've come to like attending the hospital for these appointments (I go to the hospital as it's the NHS treatment I'm receiving). I'm in and out in about 15 minutes for these appointments. All very efficient.

A gap had formed where my troublesome front tooth had been straightened up a little bit. Remember my front left tooth had a severe squint overhang of the right front tooth. After my last appointment the left tooth had straightened out a little and had given me a gap in between my two front teeth. It was kind of quirky. I'm not that bothered abut a gap, so long as it didn't develop into a severe gap. The only problem with this gap is that it's is off centre. Like a good 3mm off centre to the right hand side. Anyone looking probably wouldn't notice this but in orthodontics, every millimetre counts.

To combat this gap and right hand side pull she inserted a thicker wire as she wanted the teeth to move in a different way and for the upper arch to expand a little. I was told the front gap might get worse before it gets better but that this was fine as the teeth need to be straightened up first and then pulled into line, so to speak.

She also attached some joined up plastic loops on the side wires where there are huge gasp due to the teeth I had removed back in January. The technical term is e-chain plastic. It's basically to close the gaps, and also protects the slightly thinner side wires. So my large side gaps will close a little bit, meaning the front teeth can space out and straighten up properly. All very complex but an amazing piece of engineering when you think about it.

Lastly she added on some of the little rubber bands that hold the main wire onto each bracket. I chose the silver again. I was going to white or clear but they say the bands can get discoloured with food and general eating so silver is the safe option. Next time I might get a coloured one. Maybe!

See how they're kinda off-centre?
After each appointment my teeth are always a bit sensitive, but that's because they are moving again until they get used to the new adjustment. It means I can't really chew anything tougher than a piece of toast but I've managed to figure that if i cut my food into tiny pieces I can just about get away without too much pain when chewing.

After just a few days I can already see that the front tooth gap has gotten smaller. There's only really a space at the top now. I'm always amazed at how this metal contraption can move my teeth and the results I see so quickly.

After only a few short months, I can already see that my confidence has lifted a bit. I'm actually smiling wider than I thought my widest smile has ever been. I'm not afraid to show people the brace in the way that I always shy'd away from showing people my wonky teeth. Isn't that peculiar?

It's another 8 weeks until my next appointment. But for now I just have to keep on going with it. Clean my teeth thoroughly and try to cut down on the sugary drinks! Yikes. Cola and chocolate is my craving. Bad.

Angela x


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