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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Models Own Utopia photo Photo14-09-2013133405_zps5b097b65.jpg
Models Own  Utopia
I wasn't really a fan of the greige nail trend when it came out. I avoided it for far brighter or completely dark colours. However, there is a colour that falls somewhere in between greige and very pale lilac. That colour (above) is Utopia from Models Own.

Having pale freckly skin, I don't think certain colours suit me. Like proper full on beige colours, they wash me out. Utopia is the perfect beige but not really beige pale alternative. It lay at the back of my nail polish drawer, unloved and unopened since a first wearing some time last year. At that time I paired it with a glitter polish from OPI - Rainbow Collection. It was lovely.
Top - Models Own Utopia after 4 days wear (decent); Bottom Barry M Lychee
This time I've left it alone. I've had two coats on for 4 days now and there's only starting to be a little bit of wear on the edges (top photo above). You definitely need two coats, three for a fully opaque coverage. The application is nice but can be patchy. I suggest a thin first coat then a slightly thicker second one.

Whilst in town I browsed the nail section in Superdrug and completely off the cuff bought Barry M Lychee gel polish (bottom photo above) and Rimmel Mary Mary Quite Contrary. I wanted to compare the three. 
Rimmel Models Own Barry M photo 16be3b47-6a94-4028-b92c-e1be0d166167_zps60706e01.jpg
Rimmel Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Models Own Utopia, Barry M Lychee - Flash on
Rimmel_Models Own_Barry M_nails photo 2b039285-1ae9-441b-a53c-c6a3c12cdafc_zpsb910586c.jpg
Rimmel Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Models Own Utopia, Barry M Lychee - Flash off

I've already tried the grey Rimmel polish and I love it. It will be a good autumn colour with the pale simple colour palettes that are gracing the windows of my favourite shops. It's almost exactly like Utopia except it's grey instead of very pale lilac. You'd hardly notice the difference, though there is a slight one. Lychee is an obviously more beige colour. I'll give it a try but it may not suit me.

What's on your nails?

Angela x

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