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Friday, 6 September 2013

When it landed on my desk I knew I'd avoid it until last minute. Yes. The evening invitation to my lovely colleague's wedding on Friday 20 September. Yep, told you I've it late. No, not with the outfit. I had that sorted months ago. Rather with the 'plus one'. eek.

Those two little words fill a single girls head with dread. I mean, I really would not have turned down the invite and when i responded back in July I thought I'd manage to get someone to come with me. But in all honesty I rarely go out or have anyone that I could take along with me. So I'm turning to you, dear internet, since you are the closest thing to a best friend I have at the moment. Well, that's a lie but another friend is also coming to the wedding but she is all set with her long term partner. Angela, the third wheel, again. It's not good is it!

So why not join me? Evening invite, Bathgate venue, 20 September. Will you be my plus one?

I wish I was only half-kidding, but you don't ask you don't get eh.

Angela x


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