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Commonwealth Games Fever

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Commonwealth Games are nearly upon us. After several games let downs I managed to get a ticket to the track cycling for Friday afternoon's session. I'm hoping (and praying) that Sir Bradley Wiggins will be competing in the individual pursuit which is taking place in the session I got a ticket for! woohoo.

I made my way to Glasgow on Sunday for my usual Sunday cinema trip and to pick up my ticket. Upon reaching George Square I joined the queue at the ticket office (a portakabin with 3 windows). After about twenty minutes I realised I hadn't moved at all, the line hadn't budged up, and you could see people were starting to get a bit restless. On average they were taking at least fifteen minutes to serve someone. Plus there wasn't a separate window set up for collections only. That would've been useful I thought. When I was nearly there, at the start of the queue, there was a guy about 3 people in front of me who was experiencing a problem with his tickets he'd booked online. I hoped there wouldn't be a problem with mine. After just under an hour of waiting it was finally my turn. I said I was here to collect a ticket. The guy asked for my postcode, name and for some ID. Within five minutes I had in my hand a booklet with my ticket enclosed inside. I cannot wait. Friday 25 July, Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, track cycling. Will be great!!

After ticket collection I went into the Glasgow 2014 superstore. Which is basically a giant marquee tent with all manner of games related t-shirts, towels, Clyde miniatures, key rings, pens, bags and umbrellas. I bought a tea towel and a pair of striped laces that also helps Unicef. Can't grumble at that really.
Cool Glasgow 2014 pictograms

I love these stripes on the ground in George Square

From there I headed along to the merchant city to search out the Irn Bru pop up. Found it! You can't really miss it. Three giant Irn Bru colours containers with merchandise and a mini exhibition inside. Profits from sales goes towards the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice. I bought myself a pair of Irn Bru branded pj bottoms (but I'll wear them about the house as my comfies). Cool.

new pj's

Since I had my new boots on I weighed up whether or not I should try to find the Jim Lambie pathway that opened on Saturday. I decided to go for it.

from where I stood - new Balenciaga boots have cut my heels up!

I headed further along the London Road and there it was, Barrowland Park with a pathway made up of coloured strips of material with band names and dates in them. They represent all of the bands and artists that have played at the Barrowlands over the years. I love all things colourful and multi coloured and this really appealed to me. The area it is in is nice as there is grass on different levels that i'm sure people will sit on and enjoy the sunshine (when we get it!). I sat for a little while and put some plasters on my sore feet - those new boots! After that I headed back into the city centre and to the cinema.

my ticket!

I can't wait for the games to begin now. It seems like months that it's been building up. I can't wait to see Sir Brad - hopefully! And I can't wait for our country to shine.


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