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Fuji XE2 - my first few snaps

Friday, 4 July 2014


After much deliberation I finally settled on a Fuji XE2 camera. It was the right decision. I've had for a little under a month now and have enjoyed taking pictures with it, even though there haven't been many opportunities. And you always see a picture when you haven't got your camera or when you're driving along and there's nowhere to stop!

In saying that I had some willing (and reluctant) models in the form of my nephews as well as an impromptu flying visit of the Red Arrows over the village as well as some buildings and street scenes in Glasgow and Stirling.

For my first batch they're not too bad.

The camera itself is a sleek black affair. It now dons a little red slow shutter button, a nice addition I got on Amazon. Another item I had to buy was a card reader as I hadn't realised that camera never came with a cable to transfer your pictures to the laptop. I was advised the card reader would be much quicker than a cable and it is. I'm still trying to get my head around all the buttons and settings but i'm having fun seeing what this little black picture box can do for me. The size isn't too small but it is much less bulky than a Canon DSLR and in my opinion much better looking than any Canon could be.

Anyway, that's a quick mini first impression. Let's move onto the pictures.

Connor, the shy boy!

Ryan, love his freckles

curl selfie





him again


These are straight up unedited pictures. Overall, i'm pleased with the results.


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