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Alexander Wang for H&M - my wishlist

Thursday, 16 October 2014

I quite like this look, minus that beanie hat!

Tonight sees the launch of the much anticipated Alexander Wang for H&M collection in New York City. If there's one thing I love more than NYC, it's Alexander Wang clothes. It's a pity they're so expensive and I'm probably on the wrong side of height to weight ratio to be able to carry them off stylishly.

What I love about AW clothes are that they are sporty as well as being smart, and that's just my kind of style. Not to mention the bags. I love my dreamy grey leather Rocco bag.

When the newest H&M collaboration was announced back in April I marked the sate in my diary and booked a day off work so that I could 1) stake out the H&M store in Glasgow in the hope that i'm first in the queue and 2) so that whilst standing in that queue I can be on the world wide web ordering items that may not be in store. That is all assuming that the Glasgow store will be carrying the collection since my tiny local H&M in Stirling most likely won't be! (Boo).

The look book has been released this morning and I've already made my draft shopping list. It seems like women could make the crossover into the men's collection (if you like baggy clothes). I only hope H&M's website can cope better than it did last year when the Isabel Marant collection launched.

Here are my picks!

mesh jumper - £79.99

mesh top - (could be worn as dress) - £79.99

cropped sweatshirt - £34.99

crop top - £27.99
vest - £24.99

Images above courtesy of, full gallery here

The accessories look great - those little keyrings, the duffel bag, a sports towel, and a backpack! I predict the backpacks will be the first to go. Image below courtesy of

New gym bag?! Love this jumper too. I cannot get on board with that beanie hat though.

And... how good does Andy Carroll look in this picture!

What are your picks?

Angela x

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