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The Good Stuff Of... September

Saturday, 11 October 2014

September. That transitional month that's not quite autumn but the summer is still hanging around too.

New York
It started with me in New York - I'll finish those blog posts soon. There's still Central Park and the Jeff Koons at the Whitney Museum to show off. So, yeah, me in New York was a great thing of September. Check back later...

I go through phases with music (as I do with most things in my life). I listen to music for months then not much for weeks. This month high in my playlist priority have been George Ezra (that voice!) with Blame It On Me. On repeat most days for me that song. Next up is Blame from Calvin Harris feat. John Newman. For me there is no one out there that can produce tune after tune like Calvin Harris. I still regularly listen to the 18 Months album. Plus he is ageing very nicely indeed. Hashtag HotScot. Other tunes very much in my ears are Zombie from Jamie T, Iron Sky from Paolo Nutini and All Of Me John Legend. What's in you ears this month?

New iPhone!
No Photo. You'll have seen one by now...
I can hear the android device people groaning from this far. But it had been three years since I had a new iPhone. I know, first world problems. However, I ordered it online and it was delivered by O2 on launch day. Within an hour i had it set up, number transferred and everything. I have to say, going from a 4S to a 6 is a big leap. Although the device is larger I cannot tell you the last time my 4S battery lasted more than 13 hours. In fact i don't think i ever did. On my 6 I have had a fe times this month that it has lasted me 1 day and 4 hours or more. I can tell this from the battery usage. I even think the novelty of having my battery at 5% and not flaking out on me will not wear off for a while. It's a revelation to me. The Phone itself is nice. I didn't opt for the larger 6 Plus device. It was a step too far for me. I made an actual cut out of the size and dimension of the two versions of the phone before i ordered it. The 6 barely fits in a pocket and the 6 Plus certainly wouldn't have fitted in my pockets. There's been talk about phone bending when you sit on them. Well, what donkey would put a £500 plus item in their pocket and sit on it? I mean really people, come on. Plus if you're wearing jeans that have pockets large enough to fit a 6Plus hen you should be having a word with yourself. I joke, but seriously! Anyway, so far i've got no complaints with the phone. I really love it. In depth review there, huh?

Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Netflix
I've expressed before how much I love Netflix, butler me just reiterate it. I LOVE NETFLIX. This month i've overdosed on the whole Series 1 of The Originals (the Vampire Diaries spin-off), then i went and started watching The Vampire Diaries from the beginning. Two weeks in and i'm on series 3. I'm really enjoying it. Binge watching is the way to go with programmes. Why wait a week when you can hit go on the next episode. Gotta be done.

Having said that I started watching The Leftovers when I was in New York and it had only just started when i came home so i've been watching that weekly on Sky. Not least because Christopher Ecclestone is in it, as well as Jennifer Aniston's absolute hunk of a man Justin Theroux. Dreamboat. The story is decent too. Haha, at the story being an afterthought! Jeez.

Le Labo body products
Oh Em Gee. Have you ever smelled a Le Labo product? In particular Santal 33? It is absolute heaven to the senses. I first used these products back in March when I first visited New York and they were the toiletries at the swish Refinery Hotel I stayed in. When I stayed this time I made sure I brought some products back with me. Shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner. They're only tiny bottles so I'm trying to ration them for special occasions but every now and again i'll just open the body lotion bottle and take in a huge giant sniff of that scent. It's warming, it's homely, it's masculine and feminine at the same time but most of all it reminds me of two fabulous trips to New York.

2014, what a mighty fine year you've been so far.

Angela x

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