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Faces and People of New York

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The thing about iPhones and smaller cameras is that people aren't as concerned that they're in your photo, or indeed that you could be taking street photography style photos of them. So wandering around New York gave me plenty of opportunity to snap away without being suspected of taking photos of people. Granted, the streets of Little Italy gave me plenty of interesting looking subjects but my guts to actually snap them waned a bit!

Here are a few favourite faces and people of NYC.

Little Italy street

A Guitar Hero on the subway

Bubble fun in Central Park

a reluctant subject

The Grandfathers - Little Italy

Whitney Museum Face

Photographer girl under Brooklyn Bridge

Waiting - Little Italy

Selfie in a Jeff Koons rabbit head mirror in the Whitney Museum

Photography in Dumbo

York Street Subway family

Angela x

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