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Monday, 15 September 2014

Because  of my detour to Soho for some shopping, it was gone 7pm by the time I got back to the hotel. I'd stopped off at Chop't for a bowl of salad. An amazing little place, simple and great idea. Salad bar. You pick what you want, they stuff a bowl full, empty it onto a board chop it up to within an inch of itself, squeeze on the dressing of your choice, pop it back in your bowl and you're off. I got a can of Coke and some pitta bread to go along with it and that would be my Saturday night dinner.

Back at the Nolitan, I plonked myself on the bed and turned on the TV. A reality TV marathon. This'll do. Then I looked outside. It had been a weird weather day in New York. Greyish cloud cover but extremely humid and clammy. Dusk was falling and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to go onto the roof at the Nolitan to take in the view and some more pictures. Off I went...

There's nothing on the roof, no bar, no pool but there's a few tables and chairs and guests are more than welcome to take drinks or food up there to soak it all in. There's some table and chairs wen across a quite spacious area. At one, sat two couples. I could hear their chatter in the background as I headed towards the corner of the rooftop to get my camera set up.

I sat there for a while snapping away, watching the city go about it's business. In front of me the lights of the traffic heading across the Williamsburg Bridge. To my left that amazing midtown shot of the Empire State building. To the back One World Trade Centre was lit up against the other tower blocks of the financial district. Very very pretty.

I wanted to try out the long exposure settings on my camera, and in doing so I got some interesting results...

I moved the camera! Love the results though...

Best results. Lights trails!

Sirens were going off below, as is the norm on the streets of NYC. There's was one below the hotel so I got up to have a look. Just at that one of the couples came across to see the commotion below and started to chat. That was an interesting conversation, to say the least. I'll leave out the details but two words spring to mind - dumb and racist. Harsh you might think, but you should have heard the things that were being said in this, by now, one sided conversation. Small minded people. "Do you use the british pound in Scotland?" was an example. And this from people who stayed near Manchester! I mean WTF!...

Mores shakiness, probably due to my blood boiling from that conversation!

Imagine, going all the way to New York and you hear that shit being spoken by people from your own country.

Anyway, I kept snapping away and eventually headed back to my room.

Angela x

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