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The Good Stuff Of...August

Friday, 5 September 2014

August. A funny month. The tale end of the summer, slowly but ever surely transitioning into autumn. You can feel the change. We have a saying here in the central belt of Scotland that "once the Bridge of Allan games are over, the nights draw in" and it's true. Since early August there has been a marked change in the nights. Street lights coming on around 8.45pm now...on a clear day. Earlier if it's been raining. And it's been doing that too. Like I say, August, a funny month.

Holiday - New York, New York!

But there's been some good stuff happening too. Perhaps the most exciting (for me) is that I went on another holiday. Yes, another New York holiday this year. Why the heck not eh! Cheap(ish) flights and a couple of bargains on Expedia for my hotels was the only impetus i needed to get me there. Thankfully the weather was fantastic and I even got my first bit of tan colour on my skin for the first time in YEARS! Downside - i got sunburn on the backs of my legs and it was so itchy that my legs are really scabby just now. Eesh. Anyway, sneak peek photos above. More photo heavy posts to follow in the next few days.


This guy started school a few weeks ago. He's 4 years old just now and I can't believe time has flown so quickly. He is one of the two best nephews an auntie could ever have. Swear to god. He's always smiling and is a right chatterbox, total opposite to his brother. Well I mean on the chatterbox front.

They both smile lots. And when they do the room lights up. I adore these little guys. They are my world right now and forever more. On his first few weeks at school he 'played sometimes', he 'didn't like the hymns we sang in the hall where we get gym', wasn't allowed to play football with the big boys because 'that we wuman told me I couldn't'. He ate chips, sausage egg and beans for his first school dinner (Jamie Oliver's healthy school meal initiative haven't reached these parts - several years on!!). Next week they get their school photos taken. I can't wait for the face he pulls in those. The week after that he'll be 5. A big boy. My boy. Connor.


Picture from Kayla Itsines Website

It's fair to say my fitness is pretty decent. I go to the gym/classes at least four times per week, five times most weeks. But I've hit another plateau. I can't fathom why other than simply our bodies get used to the exercise routines that we get in to and the food that we eat. Although, swear it, I have really made the effort to cut down on sweets. I'm not going to say 'junk food' because I do eat decent food. But it's the sweeties for me. I really am addicted to sugar I think. Cold turkey may be the only option.

Anyway, the point of my story is that I happened upon Kayla Itsines and her 12 week bikini body guide. Now normally anything that mentions bikini bodies would be a big turn off for me considering the fact that I bought a bikini back in 2003 and have yet to wear it in public! True story. But, I got past the headline and read on her website. It got me curious enough to check out her Instagram and see all of these fabulous transformations, on a Tuesday (transformation Tuesday, geddit!). Granted, most of the girls in those pictures are in no way overweight but what they say is that they are out of shape and need toning up. So yeah, after perusing the website and those addictive 'fitspo' (shite word, by the way) pictures I bought her guide and downloaded it. Much to my amazement (and relief) most of the exercises in the guide are what I do at circuits / insanity / shockfit classes so that was good. They are realistic, achievable and most importantly you don't need lots of equipment therefore doing them at home is fairly simple. Now, if I'm totally honest, I bought the guide back in July and haven't really started it yet because I'm not sure where I'm going to fit it into my current routine. I know I could substitute a few of my classes for this routine but...

The guide is really informative and there's loads to read before you even get to the exercises. It's all about education from the outset = good. You have 12 weeks to complete it. There's 3 circuits per week with different themes of abs, cardio, legs etc. She says they take around 27 minutes to do, which is about the same time as my insanity classes. I plan on adding it into my weekly routine, somehow. I'll let you know how I get on. And believe me if my body turns out like those in the transformation Tuesday pictures you'll be seeing them too! *wink*.

And that was just some of the good stuff of August. Albeit a little later than hoped.

Angela x

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